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How to get a perfect dressup in neutral style

The neutral style combines with femininity and masculinity,and the style for crossdress will appears more frank and open-minded.

The neutral style is different from the hale, rugged of the masculinity,or gentle, graceful,elegant of the femininity.Furthermore, it "selects their essence and discards their gross",and forms a unique new style.

1.Wearing Androgynous Makeup

1.Use foundation and concealer minimally. 

Use matte powder to create a natural look and hide blemishes. Avoid adding a full face of foundation or bright eyeshadow or lipstick.

2.Go for a bold brow. 

People with features traditionally thought of as masculine can tweeze their eyebrows for a more feminine shape. People with features traditionally thought of as feminine should allow their brows to grow out naturally, or brush their brows upward for a bushier, boyish look. Fill in your brows but stick to their natural shape. Concentrate on the outer ends of your brows.

3.Choose neutral eye shadow. 

A neutral eye shadow can help blur the gender lines. Choose a neutral color of matte shadow or amp up your look with a glossy shadow in a color close to your skin tone

4.Add eyeliner. Black eyeliner will make your eyes pop.

Line either just the top or the top and bottom, but avoid the cat-eye look as it is traditionally feminine. Choose liquid eyeliner for a bold look or pencil eyeliner for a more subtle look.

5.Wear a neutral lip gloss. Glossy, subtle lips are a great way to get the

androgynous look. Swipe on a clear gloss or choose a rosy gloss to add some color. You can also wear a tan or beige lipstick for a truly neutral look.

6.Play up your masculine features if you have features traditionally thought of as feminine. 

A chiseled jaw is often seen as a masculine feature. Sweep a matte bronzer along your jawline to add definition. Avoid highlighting traditionally feminine features, such as high cheekbones.

7.Play up your feminine features if you have traditionally masculine features.

 Highlight your cheekbones with a shimmery blush. Experiment with contouring to create a slender neck and less-defined jaw line

2.Creating an Androgynous Hairstyle

1.Chop off your locks. 

Though you don’t have to have short hair to get the androgynous look, you may want to go all in. Consider a pixie cut or even a buzz cut or a shaved head

2.Slick your hair back.

 Slicked back hair can ramp up the edginess of your look. Use gel or pomade to create a sleek and shiny style.

3.Wear a curly mohawk. 

Your hair doesn’t need to be short or slick for an androgynous look. Embrace your curls and add a bit of edginess to your look by styling your locks into a faux-hawk. You can also shave the sides of your head for a true mohawk.


4.Try the shag look.

 Androgynous icon Joan Jett was famous for her shaggy hairstyle. Both men and women can embrace the shag look. As a bonus, it’s a versatile, low-maintenance style that you’re likely to love.

5.Color your locks. 

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your look by tinting your hair. You can add subtle highlights or go for a bold color like purple. Experiment with different options to see which you like best.

Dressup yourself as you like will make you happy,own a positive living attitude,increase your life interest, become more confident.Over time, you will become more attractive.

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