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4 ways to become the most popular person in your pretty age

    Emotional satisfaction comes from interpersonal communication. trans people are increasing in all over the world. Meanwhile, with the evaluation of generation and culture,people becoming more and more tolerable for trangenders. And they are willing to meet trans at  party or community events. That means, it is possible for trans people to make more friends and positive friendship.Thus, we will get emotional satisfaction from inner and out side.For that,let's improve ourselves with a few tips, and become more popular at our most beautiful age.

    1.Enjoying Your Time at School

    .Straighten your back and smile Stand tall so everyone sees you're happy to be you. Imagine that you look flawless and carry yourself that way. Any time you find yourself slinking back to unconfident body language in the halls, remind yourself how fabulously attractive you are, and go back to your awesome walk.

    · It's okay if you don't feel fabulously attractive. Keep telling yourself you are and keep pretending you are. Eventually, you'll believe it. You can shine.

    2.Cultivate confidence to attract people to you. There's a good chance you've learned to be resourceful and quick in order to protect yourself from insults you may have heard. Use that quick and agile thinking to put forth a calm, confident appearance. Use your humor to help defuse tense situations, and you'll draw people in.

    3.Make LGBTQ+ friends. Look for transgender friends, but also other LGBTQ+ people. There may be a club at school, a local support group, or a website (e.g. Tumblr) where you can meet others like you. They can understand you in a way that cisgender heterosexuals can't. Support each other, and know that you're not alone.

    · Others are drawn to confident, funny people. For instance, you might notice that the most attractive people tend to choose partners who are funny and kind rather than worrying about looks.

    4.Look for new friends. Be friendly and compassionate to others and practice random acts of kindness. View each person as a potential new friend, and react to them in the most positive way. Usually, when you treat people well, they will also treat you well.

    5.Recognize that not everyone will be your friend, and that's okay. Your personality won't "click" with everyone. This is natural and not a bad reflection on you. Don't assume it's because you are transgender.

    · If you don't wind up with the traditional "in-crowd," that's all right. That clique is hard to crack for most people in their high school years. There is no need to push it. Seek out other interesting and fun people and be popular in your own way.

    · Some people are legitimate jerks. When you encounter mean or inconsiderate people, try to remember that their behavior is about them, not you. They’re not worth your time, so focus on people who care about you. 

    6.Ask people questions to show you’re interested in getting to know them. People love to talk about themselves, so ask them questions to keep the conversation flowing about what they like. Listen to them so they know you’re interested in what they have to say. Add your own input to the conversation and ask follow-up questions to keep things going.

    · After leaving a conversation, try mentally summing it up. You might say, "Wow! It sounds like your new puppy is a lot of work. How long do you have to train it?” This way you are more likely to recall the details later, and the person will be pleased you care.

    7.Enjoy the good things in your life. Focus on the upsides, such as the sweet girl you talked to today, your success in Spanish class, or your father's kindness. Reflecting upon the positives can help you stay afloat during the negatives. Try to list a few things you’re grateful for every day so you can remember the good things.


    8.Get involved in your school to help you meet people and have fun. Find your interests and search for a group centered around those interests. Join clubs, play sports, volunteer, and attend school events. This will help you meet people who share your talents and passions, and you can make great new friendships. Keep your focus on having fun and enjoying who you are.

    · Join your school’s LGBTQ+ group. If your school doesn’t have one, ask a teacher to help you start one.

    2.Being Closeted

    1.Don't be mad at yourself for staying in the closet. Safety, acceptance, and other concerns you have are perfectly valid reasons not to come out. Additionally, you are not obligated to educate anyone about what it’s like to be LGBTQ+. Your health comes first, and if that means not mentioning that you're transgender, that's okay.

    2.Practice self care to help you feel your best. You might feel gnawed at by worries that you don't pass or saddled with dysphoria at needing to pretend to be someone you aren't. This is difficult, and it will be stressful at times. To help you get through the difficult times, take really good care of yourself physically and emotionally.

    · Eat a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep well.

    · Incorporate stress relievers into your day to help you stay calm. For instance, you might journal, exercise, or talk to a close friend.

    3.Being Out

    1.Surround yourself with accepting people and open up to them. Take your time in deciding when to take people into your confidence, and if it makes you more comfortable, choose just one person to divulge your secrets to first. This person can help pave the way to being honest with your whole group and can help be a bridge to understanding between you and them.

    2.Don't take it personally if someone is inconsiderate, rude, or cruel. Unfortunately, there are people out there who disregard the feelings of others and mistreat people who are different from them. While this can be painful, try to remember that their actions are a reflection of them, not you. If they don’t appreciate how wonderful you are, it’s their loss.

    · Unfortunately, some people won't like you because you are transgender. Remind yourself that sometimes people get scared or angry when they see someone who is braver than they are.

    · Choose to feel sorry for people who are rude or cruel. They may be going through something themself and are jealous that you’re so confident in being you.

    4.Caring For Yourself

    1.Take plenty of time to relax. Your emotional health matters, so spend lots of time hanging out with people who make you happy. Additionally, engage in hobbies that help you feel at peace.

    Be more postive!Belive you are so special and shining!Try to look for  some true firends and someone really like you, even that will cost you some time.But once you found them,their love and support will be always with you even in rough time.In a word, try to learn some skills,and become the most shining person at your best age.

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