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Styling 8 tips for feminizing broad shoulders

The big amount of mtf crossdressers have broad shoulders, we all want to achieve a balanced look. There are ways to soften and minimize the width with just a little care when choosing styles and shapes.

#1 Draw attention away from the shoulder area

In general, avoid wearing the boat necklines, spaghetti straps and tank tops. Most of us have broad shoulders and these tops accentuate this feature. Round collar, V-neck, irregular design is better for broad shoulders, it can help to extend the neck lines, it will help you to solve the problems of broad shoulders and giant backs.

#2 Choose dresses and tops with an empire line

Empire lines cinch under the bust line, thus drawing attention to the smaller part of your torso rather than your shoulders. Dresses that are full and flared will give additional volume to your lower half, drawing the eye downward.

#3 Choose jackets and cardigans that elongate your figure

When it comes to jackets, you should avoid broad collars and double breasted styles. Instead, opt for single breasted jackets with a narrow collar and lapels. Fitted jackets suit you just fine, but avoid blazers with heavily padded shoulders and wide lapels. Casual open-front longline jackets, especially those with undefined shoulder lines, will serve the purpose of balancing your broad shoulders.

#4 Pair a dark top with light bottoms

Dark colors have a slimming effect, so an easy way to balance your proportions is to wear dark colors on top and light colors on the bottom. This doesn't have to mean sticking to black on top and white on bottom, as long as the top is darker than the bottoms, your figure will appear more balanced.

#5 Choose the clothes with good drape

Please remember to choose the clothes with good drape, not in hard material, especially for shoulder lines, hard material will make you looked wider. Good drape and light material will help you seemed soft, feminine,not so aggressive.

#6 Wear the right size breast forms

Your breast forms should be large enough to balance out your shoulders. However, they shouldn’t be so big that they add excessive bulk to your upper body. Here are some guidelines for choosing a cup size:

If you have a small frame – choose a B or C cup.

If you have a medium frame – choose a C or D cup.

If you have a large frame – choose a D cup or larger.

#7 Know your best necklace length

Long necklaces create vertical lines that help slim the upper body. Avoid short, chunky necklaces and chokers.

#8 Find a flattering hairstyle

The sis has broad shoulder can wear the wig with long hair or short hair extend to collar bone, that will help to cover shoulder to make you looked more feminine.

Have fun and embrace your femininity! 

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