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My first experience with a Roanyer product (customer review)

Since the day I began my experience as a crossdresser, a few years ago, I’ve noticed a wide variety of breastplates, bodysuits, masks and suits made from silicone in the market. No other brand caught my attention as Roanyer did. From the videos in YouTube, i could see how much their products have improved within time, and i was amazed. For quite a long time, I've wanted to try something manufactured by them, in hopes that it would help me to become the woman I was meant to be… and when I finally had my chance, it didn't disappoint me by any means. In fact, I was even surprised in a positive manner by the overwhelming quality and the realistic feeling of my c cup breastplate (in long version).

If you are planning to acquire something like that, but haven't decided yet, I hope that this article helps you. I’ll give some advice here, from customer to customer, considering what are the advantages of an item like that for a fellow crossdresser, by showing the best things about quality, durability and practicality within Roanyer’s silicone products for crossdressers.

1- The package and shipping

The discretion level of the package through shipping is excellent, as everything comes packed in a standard cardboard box with only the essential information for delivery displayed in it. The shipping itself was also surprisingly fast, and I received the product (shipped directly from China to my home in Brazil, almost on the opposite side of the globe) within only two weeks, including the customs inspection, which usually takes about 3 or 4 days to be finished. The box itself, apart from the outer cardboard package, has a dark purple tone with letters in golden yellow, and a beautiful ribbon on top. It's a really nice touch, and it really shows how much care and effort are put into each item. Inside the box, of course, was the product itself, among some protective plastic holders, without any damage from shipping at all.

2- The material

The product that I’ve received is a silicone breast vest that covers me from the top of my neck to the bottom of my belly. It stretches a lot, so it fits like a dream after i wear it. The filling i chose for the breasts was silicone gel, to give it some weight and lifelike movements, and although you can get a cheaper version with the elastic cotton filler, the realism provided by the gel is totally worth it. The Silicone itself, besides being highly stretchy, is very strong as well and its lifelike texture realistically resembles skin (it blended quite well with my skintone, but makeup can also help a bit). The high level of detail in both the breasts and the nipples brings the feeling of realism to a whole new standard, creating a charming figure to any crossdresser that tries it.

3- Practicality

Achieving a good looking pair of breasts is without a doubt one of the biggest concerns for lots of crossdressers, and Roanyer products can surely offer the solution, but why is it better than the other conventional methods? Well, standard underwired bras stuffed with socks, or push up bras combined with some makeup can create some sort of illusion that might give you a somewhat feminine shape, but it might not provide the desired movement or size. Breast transplant surgery is something highly expensive, and also permanent, so it's only recommended to trans people and not to occasional crossdressers that want to go back to looking like a man after a dress up session. Roanyer breastplates, however, are extremely realistic, providing you with a convincing lifelike breast, with the advantage that you are able to wear it and take it off whenever you want to.

4- My experience while wearing it

What can I say about what I felt after I wore my silicone vest? Well, I was even more impressed. It did really put some weight on my chest, I finally did not feel that something was missing there. It looked amazing, and I could even try some looks with a daring cleavage. As i moved, the breasts responded to gravity, and now wearing a bra was needed not to create an illusion, but to hold what was already there. Another advantage of the version I chose, is that it is perfect to hide my shapewear. To increase my feminine appearance and overall figure, i use two waist cinchers and a female control vest, so i can get a thinner waist and highlight some curves. The only downside i had with my shapewear is that i couldn't hide it before, but now i am able to put my silicone vest above the shapewear items so they stay seemingless under everything.

5- How did i wear it

Wearing it for the first time was a little challenging, because I didn’t have any previous experience with silicone breastplates, but I was able to get it right after a couple of tries. To make it easier to put on, I'll give you some tips that really helped me. First of all, wear a hairnet before the vest, because your hair might friction on the silicone, making it harder to pass through your head. The second tip is to take a shower and use baby powder on your neck, your back and your chest, right before you wear your silicone suit, because it helps it to easily slide down your body. Last but not least, you should remember to clean it after you use it. The recommended method is to soak it in a recipient with cool water and gently wash it with shower gel. Then, let it dry naturally on a well-ventilated area, or put some talcum powder to help it dry, before putting it back on the box.

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