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What to expect of 2021 in terms of crossdressing

The Covid 19 pandemic started over a year ago, yet some countries still face the consequences. Our routines have been affected greatly, and some still struggle to adapt.  But here we are, in 2021, a whole new year with a lot yet to come, so what should we, crossdressers, expect from this year? What is most likely to happen, and how should we face whatever happens next? I bring you this article with a message of positivity in hopes that we can all work to build a better world.

Keeping the daily routines and cross-dressing at home

I bet that a lot of us have been forced to restrict our crossdressing sessions to our own homes, aiming to stop the spread of this deadly virus, and we have already had plenty of time to adapt ourselves and get used to it. However, if you aren't too comfortable with that yet, you can use your time to practice and get better, developing your skills and mastering the art of crossdressing. If you miss human interaction, posting photos on the internet and social media profiles with your crossdressing identify can help you to fulfill your needs.

All of that is easier, of course, if you live by yourself or with people to whom you've already come out as a crossdresser or trans. Things are way more difficult for those who live with intolerant people and face daily risks. If that's your case, your better chance is to wait for vaccination, but if you are in an urge to dress up, try to arrange a session with a friend you trust, in a private place, following every single preventive measure to avoid getting infected and/or infecting your loved ones.

What about the vaccines?

If your country is progressing towards vaccination, and people are returning to the streets, things will be better for you soon. Once you have been vaccinated, you might want to go out with friends and visit places you like to be while crossdressing, but make sure to keep taking preventive actions such as wearing masks outside and sanitizing your hands, especially if you are close to someone who hasn't been vaccinated yet.

Recovery will be slow-paced, but in months, you'll be able to dress up and go out with other crossdressers, meet new people and be yourself outside! Until then, use your time wisely and practice your skills, so when things go back to normal, you will be better at crossdressing and probably even more attractive than before.

Keep shopping online until restrictions are lifted

I know how amazing it feels to go out shopping for new clothes, makeup and cross-dressing items in general, but if stores are restricted as a form of prevention to stop the spread of covid-19, buying online is a perfect solution to overcome consumer needs. Keep doing that until your local stores and malls are allowed to reopen (which probably won't take long once the population starts to get vaccinated).

However, as soon as things get back to normal, you can dress up and go shopping with your friends, try out new clothes and show off new visuals on the streets. Depending on your country, this situation should be by September or even sooner. 

Prepare to put into practice everything that you've learned during social distancing.

If you've been practising and learning new tricks and mastering the art of cross-dressing while you've had to stay home, the end of the pandemic will be your time to show off everything you've learned so far! Your time of practice will finally pay off as you dress and do your makeup easier than ever before, and the results are gonna be very noticeable as your appearance will be way more enhanced than before.

Keep one eye on new releases and arrivals on the Roanyer store

2021 will bring a lot of new products for different needs, with new options and utilities! Every crossdresser has its own specific needs, so it's very likely that you'll find something new that's useful for yourself and for your own way of crossdressing! We are always improving our products, aiming to provide the ultimate crossdressing experience, so if you want to keep yourself up to date with the newest advances and innovations for crossdressers, make sure to check our website every now and then. 

Written by Elise Wren

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