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Where to go while crossdressing

Written by Elise Wren

If you are a crossdresser, I'm secure to say that at least once you thought about going out while dressed as a woman. Crossdressing at home is fun, but the more often you do it, higher are the chances that you would want to try something new and keep exploring the endless possibilities of the big open world that waits for you outside of your house.

Going out while crossdressing can be some sort of a challenge to overcome, and can involve some difficulties, especially if you live in a country with few open minded people. One of these difficulties is that you might not feel welcome. You might face stares, weird looks and even direct confrontation if you go somewhere without knowing the kind of people that you can find there, because they might not accept you if they notice that you are crossdressing.

So, if you plan to go out as your female self, you might want to know exactly where to go and what to do. When thinking about it, consider searching online for crossdresser communities near you and contact them, so you can get to know people who can help and accept you. As i’m here to help you as well, i’m bringing a list of places you can go to and things you can do outside while dressed up.

1- General places and activities 

Some more generalized activities that can be done and that you can enjoy in almost every country or city, that are safe for crossdressers and can help you to start going out

Movie theater: If you haven’t already built some confidence to go out, you can start in a moderate way by going to the movie theater. It’s ideal because you won't be alone, and will be hardly noticed by anyone. You can use this to practice talking to strangers as a girl, or you can just order tickets online and enjoy a good movie outside while dressed up as a woman.

Library: With some of the same pros as the movie theater, going to a library can help you to build even more confidence. There you won't be in a dark room, so you might be able to notice other people and to be noticed. If you feel that you are passable as a girl, don't worry to be noticed as well, but if you are still insecure, sit by a corner or a spot that's not too visible, and take as much time as you need to feel comfortable around other people.

Art galleries and museums: If you are curious or an art enjoyer, you might want to check out those spaces as well, because if you do so, you might be able to be yourself when crossdressing. Doing things that you like and learning more about them is surely going to comfort you while you are outside of your house or wherever you call a safe space.

Cosplay or anime conventions: If you like anime, videogames or pop culture movies, you might have a lot of fun crossdressing (or even crossplaying) at these places. The cosplay community tends to be very open minded and even supportive, so you can be yourself there passing or not.

2- Places you might try to go after you’ve built some confidence

After you build a reasonable amount of confidence, you might feel comfortable enough to explore new places, and if you plan to do so, keep in mind these tips for each one:

Bars and Pubs: Be prepared to be surrounded by people there, especially if you go there at night or on weekends. This is not necessarily bad, because the more people that are there, smaller are the chances someone will notice you, so you can easily avoid stares. If you are passable in appearance, try to be so in body language and voice, so no one will notice that you are actually a crossdresser. If someone does notice, you can avoid attention because no one would likely call out to you in public about it.

Parks: In open air, you might want to pay extra attention to your pose and body language if you want to pass. Otherwise, you might be noticed, but you can always  just avoid direct contact with people and simply be yourself, as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Restaurants: When you want to eat something while crossdressing, try to keep in mind exactly what you want. If you know what to order, it will be easier to speak to the waiter, and easier to keep emulating a female voice while you do so. Don't be afraid to ask questions, but keep in mind that the less you speak the better it will sound. Also, it helps if you know what you are going to say so you can do it in a more confident way. When eating, do so in a more delicate, or feminine manner, so you won't attract unwanted attention

One last thing to keep in mind

Whenever you want to go out, try to do it with a friend or someone you trust, or even other crossdressers. Doing so won't just secure your safety, but will also help you to be comfortable quicker. Another advantage in going out with a company, is that you will have someone to share some of your good moments of happiness with!

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