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4 tips to keep feminine charm

The feminine charm is not only just manifested in beautiful eyes and perfect figures. And that may a little diffcult for many crossdressers to keep their feminine 24 hours a day. So here has a question, how to release your attractive, even under a masculine body? hope the following tips can help you.

1. Apply incognito makeup

There are lots of ways to incorporate makeup into your daily look, even when presenting as a male. Here are 4 must-have makeup items:

Concealer or foundation – Apply a thin layer to cover under eye circles or blemishes.

Setting powder – Apply to shiny spots on your face, like the nose or forehead.

Clear mascara – Use it to make your eyelashes look subtly longer and fuller.

Uncolored lipstick – Instead of boring Chapstick, care for your lips with a clear lipstick.

2. Wear women’s clothing on the sly

Sneaking a piece of women’s clothing into your outfit is a great way to feel girly. Wearing lingerie under your clothes is a classic, but don’t stop there.

A lot of women’s clothing can pass for unisex, so try wearing:

Basic tees

Button-down shirts

Jeans and pants

Don’t forget about accessories! Try wearing women’s boots or using a tote bag as a laptop bag or briefcase.

3. Look at reminders of your feminine self

Finally, surround yourself with reminders of the woman within.

A great way to do this is through photos. Keep photos of your femme self on your phone, in your wallet, or even framed and hung up so you can see them often.

You could also carry around items personalized with your feminine name, such as a necklace, keychain, or coffee mug.

4. Use the power of scent

Scents have a powerful effect on your brain chemistry and mood, so this is a great way to connect with your female side.

Wear women’s perfume instead of cologne. Musky fragrances are most unisex, so you can wear them without anybody knowing your secret. Another option is to burn a scented candle with a feminine fragrance in your home or office.

Keep your feminie charm will make you shining in the crowd. Learning these tips, you will show yourself as a gorgeous woman anytime and anywhere.

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