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Figuring out why you crossdress

Have you ever wondered if there is an actual reason for you to dress as a woman? Have you ever felt the need to find that reason, as if you needed a better understanding of yourself? If the answer is yes, you can be sure that you are not alone. Every once in a while, I end up catching myself questioning why I do this, and I've reached plenty of answers that I'll point within this article, so you can analyse each one and get to the conclusion that suits your life the best.

1- For fun

That one is probably the most common one around crossdressers, because people can dress up just to genuinely have fun and a good time. Maybe because you like how you look in women's clothes or if you like to see yourself as part of another gender and find that amusing, it can be a healthy hobby and some sort of decontractive activity to relief yourself from the stress of the everyday life.

2- To help with body dysphoria

I'd say that's the second most recurring situation, because it happens a lot on the queer and trans communities. If you don't feel fine with your body's gender, it's understandable that you might feel more comfortable crossdressing if gender reassignment surgery or hormonal therapy aren't viable options at the moment.

3- Because you disagree with the social standards assigned to each gender

After all, why would each gender be restricted to certain types of clothing? If you feel better with a dress rather than with a suit, go for it! Use whichever clothing that pleases you and makes you comfortable, no one should be able to decide how you can or cannot dress like, because the decision is 100% yours.

4- Because it's a way to express yourself

Your crossdresser identity is ultimately part of you, and to be yourself as a whole, you should avoid repressing it, because crossdressing on a regular basis can help you with being true to yourself. If you feel like crossdressing is important to understand your own identity, it might work as a therapy to find who you are and how you feel, so don't let that particular aspect of your personality vanish.

5- Crossdressing as a form of art

We see that happening with drag queens and crossdressing drag streamers, and that's actually pretty common. If you consider crossdressing to be an art, practicing more and more is extremely recommended, until you excell at looking like a woman. As any other form of art, you can do it for entertainment, sharing the results with other people, or you can do it just for yourself as a way of expressing and practicing your skills.

6- Curiosity

That one is valid too, and it's not rare to see men trying female clothes out of pure curiosity about how it feels like. What happens next is that these men can enjoy it, and then evolve their crossdressing curiosity into something a little bit more complex, just like the other situations described above, and they might vary on the intensity as well.

7- It just feels right

Some people are just born to be crossdressers, and they can't just ignore it. They might feel one or many of the feelings I've mentioned before in this article, and they just know that crossdressing will be good for them. If you feel this way, you might want to crossdress everytime you can, and you will probably notice that it's just part of who you are, so don't give up. When crossdressing is part of you, it can be hard not mistaking it with being trans or even queer, but it's not always the case, and crossdressing can be only one more aspect of your life.

8- There is not an actual need to find a reason

If crossdressing makes you feel better, does it really need an explanation? You might or might not find one, but what does it change? If you like crossdressing, and you do it on a regular basis while feeling that it's good for you, just keep doing it and you'll be happy. You don't need an explanation for who you are or what you enjoy, that's just how things are and how they are supposed to be. 

9- Final consideration on crossdressing

Well, after those reflections, I think we can conclude that whatever are your motivations for crossdressing, whatever you feel, it makes you as valid as any other person in the world, because that's just who you are, and there is nothing wrong in being yourself. Just always remember to be true with yourself, and don't try to repress, hide or conceal those aspects of your personality, just accept yourself the way you are, and soon you'll be ok with your feelings.

Written by Elise Wren

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