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Advantages of crossdressing during school vacations

The date, length and quantity of your school vacations can vary according to your country, state and which school you go to, but they generally mean the same thing: the period during which schools are closed and students stay home. However, it can mean a lot more for young crossdressers, as it's a wonderful opportunity for learning new techniques and getting to know themselves better. School puts a lot of pressure into the youth, and vacations are a much needed time for them to rest and make use of their time to do things they like. Some might want to play videogames, go to clubs or hang out with friends, so why would it be different for crossdressers that want to spend their time dressing up? Well, in this article I'll be pointing out the advantages of crossdressing during school vacations, and why it's ideal for young or beginner crossdressers.

1- First of all, a matter of free time

Just as I said, schools are quite demanding nowadays, from highschool to college. People get a ton of homework and assignments, besides extracurricular classes and this kind of stuff. Studying is of course important, but it also takes a lot of time, and after all, that's exactly why vacations exist: for us to rest from our very busy routines. Well, the art of crossdressing also demands quite some time, because crossdressers need to practice and perfect their skills, and they do that by dressing up and training not only makeup, but also body language, voice impressions and getting used to shapewear, which requires a lot of focus and attention. With that in mind, crossdressers might want to make good use of their free time to practice all of that and learn more tips on the internet, because that's just something they like to do and is important to them.


2- About other people

The thing about being on vacation, is that you are no longer required to see a lot of people everyday, and you can be around those people that actually support and understand you, if you already came out. It means that you can enlist help from some fellow crossdressers, or call out a friend to help you practice! If the people you know aren't exactly the kind that would react in a good way about you being a crossdresser, you could also use your vacations to meet up with new people and make more friends. Social media is very useful to find other crossdressers and people that would support and befriend you in general, especially if you are an extrovert and can easily talk to people. Just make sure to stay safe on the internet and avoid anyone who sounds suspicious. If you're an introvert and like to be alone, you can also stay home and practice by yourself! The fact that you are on vacation also means that you can go out dressed up with a significantly lower chance of risking awkward or cringeworthy encounters with people which you know that would judge you and talk about it in your school. It's basically a good way to avoid bullying and judgement from bad people (they are simply not worth caring about, and your vacations allow you to be far away from them).


3- Part time jobs

Summer vacations might also be a great opportunity for you to buy new clothes and make some extra money. A lot of companies offer part time jobs for highschool and college students during vacations, and it's an excellent way to get some financial independence from your parents (especially if they wouldn’t normally buy this kind of stuff for you to crossdress). If you are able to make some money by yourself, you can spend it the way you want and buy whatever you need. I would personally recommend you to invest it on a high quality wig and makeup supplies (preferably enough to last until your next vacation), but that's totally up to you and you can focus on what you think you need the most. If you are already out as a crossdresser or trans person, and can count on your parent’s support, you could always save that money to buy something a bit more expensive, such as a better wig, silicone breastplates, suits and paddings that can take your crossdressing to the next level and greatly improve your figure.


4- Bond with your family

Not having classes generally means that you’ll have a lot of time to spend with your parents, siblings and other relatives, so it's ideal for you to come out, or bond with everyone if they already know about it. It's an opportunity for you to explain to them what exactly you like to do, how you feel as a crossdresser and why it’s important to you. Their responses might vary, so make sure to be prepared if you decide to do so.  To better prepare yourself, and to better decide whether or not you should tell them, try to find out their opinions on the subject and discover what they think about gender identity and normativeness. If they are too conservative, you can try to make them change their minds with some explanations and use reason to convince them there's nothing wrong with it. Just make sure to do so in a more indirect and discreet manner so that they dont figure everything out before you properly tell them. You’ll want to gain their trust and make it clear that you all are a family and love each other no matter what. It’s a process that takes a  lot of time and dialogue, and that's precisely why, in my opinion, vacations are the ideal moment to attempt this approach. For those who have already gone through all of that, it's still a good moment to bond, celebrate love and reaffirm those values of union and friendship between members of your family.


So after all of that, you might want to plan your next vacation based on these tips, but it doesn't mean that you shouldn’t remember to be yourself during normal schooltime, because you totally should! Be proud of who you are, and do what you love.

Written by Elise Wren

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