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How to crossdress in a more casual manner or a daily basis

The daily life of a crossdresser can be as busy as the lives of anyone else, so it's very likely that they might have a lot more things to do besides crossdressing. In some cases, they might even run out of time to crossdress, depending on their priorities, and this kind of situation can affect them in a number of ways. First of all, it might end up lowering your self-esteem and induce you to crisis of body dysphoria (even if, to you, crossdressing is more of a hobby than actually something related to your gender, neglecting it for too long can make you feel sad, such as any other hobby would if you stay away from it for a long period of time).

This kind of situation where a person is unable to crossdress is so common mainly because of how crossdressers perceive their activities. For many of us, crossdressing involves a lot of work and requires a lot of focus and attention, especially if we want to pass as a woman. Fashion also plays a major part in it, as we usually tend to try a number of outfits until we find one that is perfect for our needs (generally one that is femine enough, while still being up to date with today’s fashion standards and that fits our body type). We tend to adorn ourselves in complex and elaborate outfits chosen by hand in each crossdressing session, just so we can maximize the effects and look as feminine as possible. But what if we don't? In this article I aim to explain exactly why and how you can crossdress in a more casual manner on a daily basis, improving your experience as a crossdresser in general, and allowing you to do what you love with the time you’ve got.


1- Get more casual and comfortable clothes

You don't exactly need to look too fashionable to stay at home! You can spend more time dressed up en femme if you choose a more comfortable outfit, because it wont push your limits or hurt you. You can still look feminine and sexy without being overdressed, with a simple outfit that suits your body type and not too much besides that. A good example is to get a matching set of comfy underwear (preferably normal bras and panties, not lingerie) that fits your size, and combine it with a loose dress or a blouse and leggings. There is no need to use any kind of shapewear, because the compression might make you tired faster, and breast forms are also optional. Don't feel forced into any beauty standard, and use this time to  be your natural self, as passing isn't quite important when you are alone. It’s also recommended that you take a bath or at least a shower before you dress up, so you are refreshed and invigorated, with more energy to dress up and do your chores or work from home.


2- Small tips to improve your feeling of femininity

The magic of crossdressing is in it’s small details! Even if you are dressing up in a lighter outfit to feel more comfortable, you can still improve your experience with these little tips. First of all, do your makeup, even if it's basic and not too elaborate. You don't need to spend a lot of time on it: a simple foundation and contouring, plus lipstick and eyeliner and you’re done! Even just a little facial feminization makes a lot of difference in the final results, allowing you to feel more like a woman and probably increasing your self-esteem. You can spend the whole day with makeup on to suit your needs, without any concerns on comfort, but make sure to remove it before you go to bed, and wash your face properly, or else you can risk doing harm to  your skin and getting zits. Shaving is also practical, because if you do that at least once a week it won't be too time-consuming. Shaving your face, arms and legs can highly decrease your dysphoria and make you feel a lot more feminine. Another tip is to paint your nails, as it also helps with overall feminization, but be aware not to damage it. Think about what kind of activity you’ll need to take part in during your day, because painting your nails implies that they will be wet for a few hours, preventing you from using your hands too much, so it's ideal to paint them during calm days in which you can rest a bit and safely let them dry.


3- Hair and wigs

You see, there isn’t an actual downside about wigs or long hair for a casual look, because wigs are relatively easy to put on. However, if you are going to use a wig on a daily basis in casual situations, there are at least two reasons for you to choose a shorter wig. First of all, as much as wigs don't actually cause too much discomfort, if you get one that is too long or heavy and use it for too much time, chances are that you’ll get tired a bit faster than usual, or that the long hair starts to bother you on a number of occasions. Second, longer wigs are harder to maintain and to be taken care of, as they tend to get entangled easier than the shorter ones.


4- Change the way you associate clothing and gender

If you want to be a more casual crossdresser, avoid associating clothes and gender too much. For some people it’s all about dressing what you like, and feeling comfortable with it. Want to change your male underwear for panties? go ahead. Just want to wear a nice skirt instead of pants? nothing wrong with it! You can still be a crossdresser without any attempt to pass, just by dressing as you want to. The whole point here is that you can engage in everyday activities dressed up in any outfit you feel comfortable with, no matter your gender. This way, you’ll be able to better express yourself and be happier with who you are, without the need to do so with a previous schedule in a limited part of your day.


Written by Elise Wren

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