How to Have Ever Ready Fuckable Ass: A Crossdressing Sissy Guide


Secrets tips to Have Ever Ready Fuckable Ass when crossdressing.


How to Have Ever Ready Fuckable Ass


As crossdressers, when it comes to our sexually attractive body parts, our booty is our most fabulous asset.


At the same time, it’s the one thing we, as crossdressing sisters, are very conscious about, aren’t we?


But darling, we pay so much less attention to our bussy.


But how do we take care of our ass and make it an ever-ready fuckable ass?


While being a seductive crossdressing sissy might seem like a dream out of reach, that’s not the reality at all.


A sexy Beyonce-like ass is totally achievable for all of us. If I can do that, you can get it too.


Also, everyone has their definition of what’s “fuckable,” so there’s no one particular way to have a totally fuckable ass.


Different men out there have different choices; some like nyash butt sissies, some prefer athletic well, toned bussy, and so on.



What are the Qualities of Fuckable Ass of Crossdresser


How to Have Ever Ready Fuckable Ass 


Oh, darling, where do I even start? There are so many fabulous factors that help us make our sissy ass fuckable.


It’s not just about how these men perceive it. Honestly, I don’t think they even know what they want.


Gay men are very picky, haha. It’s all about owning it, flaunting it, and feeling uber-confident in what we’ve got.


Trust me, we’ve got this.




How to Have Ever Ready Fuckable Ass 


Now listen up, darling, our ass should align with our body proportions.


That perfect balance between our derrière and the rest of our physique contributes to its aesthetic allure.


Now, these body proportions can be subjective, whether you’re aiming for a voluptuous bimbo booty or a petite femboy peach, but ensure your bussy complements your overall silhouette beautifully.


Take Cardi B, for instance. OMG, what a diva she is with perfect body proportions, a big butt and big boobs.


At the same time, look at Zendaya; her small booty matches her overall petite physique.




How to Have Ever Ready Fuckable Ass crossdressing 


The shape of our booty is what captivates most men and makes us the ultimate breedable sissies.


Typically, there are four types of booty shapes: Square or H-shaped, Inverted or V-shaped, Heart or A-shaped, and Round, bubble, or O-shaped.


A tantalizingly fuckable shape is seen as symmetrical and well-toned, usually falling into the Heart or A-shaped, Round, bubble, or O-shaped categories.


A crossdressing sissy can achieve that perfect symmetrical booty with regular exercises targeting the gluteal muscles, such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts.


Smooth Butt Cheeks


How to Have Ever Ready Fuckable Ass 


You adore keeping your hands and feet silky smooth, right? So why not give the same courtesy to those butt cheeks?


Like any other part of our body, we should keep our ass cheeks velvety smooth. After all, that’s what we’re offering to our big boys.




How to Have Ever Ready Fuckable Ass


It’s the one thing that can truly make all the difference for a sissy.


The moment they spot a super confident, sassy crossdressing sissy, they won’t be able to resist us.


When we start strutting our stuff with confidence, compliments flow effortlessly.


Confidence can significantly enhance a sissy’s allure. Confidence turns heads, and a confident booty?


Well, that’s nothing short of a showstopper.


So, own your look, love your body, and let the world see you’re a fearless crossdressing sissy and proud to be you.


How to Achieve a Fuckable Ass




How to Have Ever Ready Fuckable Ass crossdressing


A juicy, always-ready, fuckable ass is supposed to be clean and pure.


How to clean that slutty sissy ass before the action?


It starts with a shower, babe, to ensure the area is clean. I wash my ass with warm, not hot, water, and I avoid using soaps.


You see, our butt cheeks are sensitive body parts and should be treated delicately.


After external cleaning, there is another type of cleaning which is a bit more intimate and very important.




How to Have Ever Ready Fuckable Ass


For internal cleaning, we do anal douching. Anal douching is very important for crossdressers before anal sex.


Douching involves inserting water into the rectum and anus to clean them, which makes anal sex so much fun and sexier.




How to Have Ever Ready Fuckable Ass crossdressing 


Now here is the thing, I have seen sissies who don’t like douching because it may cause bowel movement issues and increase the risk of infection.


So, instead of douching, some sissies prefer an enema, which cleans the rectum and empties the bowels but involves inserting liquid into the large intestine.


To perform an enema, there are enema kits that come with specific instructions to follow carefully.


I prefer careful anal douching for cleaning my butt.


To avoid any risk, I follow this step-by-step anal douching guide.


A fully clean ass is such a confidence booster, babe, I can’t tell you. My boyfriend can’t get over it.


Workout and Diet


How to Have Ever Ready Fuckable Ass crossdressing 


Workout and diet are absolutely crucial for keeping that booty always ready for intimate moments.


When it comes to working out, every sissy crossdresser should definitely embrace a sissy butt workout routine for a toned fuckable ass.


Butt workout exercises are my absolute faves, babe; not only do they get me in shape, but I feel oh-so-sexy doing them.


To make my butt even more hot and spanky, here are the exercises I do every day: 


Sissy Butt Popping Exercises that really work includes Squat Jumps, Lateral Lunges, Butt Bridges, Donkey Kicks, Fire Hydrants, Reverse Lunges, Squats, and Single Leg Touchdown.


How to Have Ever Ready Fuckable Ass crossdressing


Now, when it comes to diet, we sissies need to be extra careful about what we consume for obvious reasons.


A high-fiber diet is key to keeping our rectum clean and healthy, which makes for smoother anal sex.


This helps keep the anus clean and minimizes the risk of an encounter with fecal matter during anal sex.


Booty Skin Care


Crossdresser butt crossdressing


We girls spend so much to feminize our facial skin, applying skincare products and home remedies for our face, hair, and other body parts, but often neglect our most beautiful asset, our booty.


In fact, there isn’t much information out there about how to achieve a smooth and spotless sissy bum, but it’s a genuine issue that many of us face.


It becomes especially essential in the summer when we want to flaunt our bodies in bikini swimsuits or booty shorts.


Having a smooth butt is very important for every sissy. Would you like to present a dry ass to your man? No, right?


Adopt these five habits for a smooth, always-ready, fabulous ass:


Crossdresser butt crossdressing 


Moisturize: Keep your ass always moisturized. Apply a good moisturizer to keep it soft and supple.


Cleaning Acne: If acne is an issue, use acne-fighting body washes or treatments designed for the booty.


Exfoliate: Gently exfoliate your ass to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. It’s a fun process, babe.


Wear Loose Clothes: Opt for loose, breathable fabrics to reduce friction and sweat.


For example, if you are home, I would say avoid wearing fancy lingerie and rather go with soft fabric undies or pajamas.


Choose Your Wipes Wisely: For wipes, pick ones that are gentle and free of harsh chemicals or fragrances.


These simple habits can help you maintain a smooth, ever-ready, irresistible ass that you’ll be proud to flaunt.


How to Get Instant Fuckable Ass


Crossdresser butt crossdressing 


Forget booty care, most of the crossdressing sissies don’t even get time for skincare, am I right?


In such cases, what do we do? We want our men to admire our booty, we want to flaunt our butt in a bikini, but without care, how can we do that?


Well, Roanyer has got you covered with its hip-enhancing pants with an anal opening for those special moments.


Now, we can effortlessly slip into these amazing Hip & Butt Enhancements to get a sexy, fuckable booty instantly.


The best part is they feel so natural to the touch; I mean, a perfect butt enhancement for those intimate moments.


Just like breast forms, we can easily slide into these silicone hip-enhancing pants for an instant desirable booty.


For every crossdresser sissy looking for a more feminine figure or wants to flaunt hot booty, Roanyer butt enhancement pants are the best choices.


Wrap Up


Get Instant Fuckable Ass crossdressing 


Look, every crossdresser should prioritize booty care because it’s our sexual body part.


We should always be ready to present a beautiful, ever-ready fuckable ass to our boyfriends for a healthy sexual relationship.


I mean, babe, how long are you going to stick with just BJs, right?


Eventually, your man is going to ask for more fun, and our booty is what we have.


Look at cis girls, how they care for their vaginas; we should take inspiration from them and prioritize our booty care.


It’s not too much, babe. All we need to do is be consistent and carefully follow all the tips.


Make sure you follow a sissy butt skincare routine every day. Add a sissy butt workout routine for a toned and sexy ass.


When it comes to anal sex, ensure you’re keeping things safe, healthy, and clean.


Don’t skip douching or an enema, whichever suits you best.


If you’re a busy sissy and don’t find enough time for self-care and privacy, Roanyer Hip & Butt enhancement pants can give you that instant sexy booty.


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