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How to Tap Into the Autumn Aesthetic as Crossdressers?

Autumn is a time for warmth, comfort, and coziness. It’s the perfect season for cuddling up with a hot drink, wrapping yourself in a blanket, and enjoying the crisp weather. For us sisters who love fashion, autumn is also a time to wear cozy clothes that are made from warm fabrics like wool and cashmere. Autumn aesthetic is all about layering your clothes and mixing and matching patterns to create a look that’s unique to you. But how do we make sure we look good while staying comfortable?


1-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


The weather is still warm enough that you don’t need too many layers, but it’s also getting cooler. When it comes to fall fashion, muted colors are the way to go. Muted colors can be great for creating a cozy and inviting look for colder weather. Also, wear layers! You might not need them all at once, but having options is always better. Use either knitwear, as well as scarves and shawls. Plaid and checkers are also on point this autumn season. You can wear these two styles with anything, even jeans. And of course, how is the fall season going to be complete without boots?



Read more below on how we can become the best fashionista this fall!


1. Muted colors


2-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


To start, think about what words come to mind when you think of fall: “muted” and “earthy” are two that might come to mind for some crossdressers. Autumn is a time of change, it’s important to reflect on what a sister want to keep from the past and what you want to leave behind. With the changing of the season, you’ll want to start looking for some earthy tones that will help you transition into the colder months. That’s why I recommend that crossdressers tap into the autumn aesthetic by wearing muted colors. These hues will help you adjust to the season’s new mindset while also allowing you to focus on what’s next.


3-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


So what does that look like? If you need some ideas, try pairing brown with navy blue or gray with black. Also a great way to do this is by pairing a crisp white shirt with a rich brown suit or skirt, or by wearing pink lipstick with a tan trench coat. If you want an even simpler look, try pairing black pants with a brown jacket; then add some bright yellow accessories like earrings or bracelets to give yourself some punch!


4-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


These colors will help you transition into your new identity as an autumn-ready crossdresser. Autumn is all about earth tones, so opt for shades like deep reds and browns instead of bright pinks and purples. Use darker shades of lipstick and eyeshadow to accentuate your features—especially your eyes!


2. Boots


5-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


For our crossdresser queens, the autumn aesthetic is so much more than just a new wardrobe—it’s an opportunity to express their feminine identity in a way that’s comfortable and exciting. If you want to embrace your feminine side this autumn, make sure you’re wearing boots! Boots are the perfect footwear for crossdressers because they’re both stylish and practical. They provide traction in slippery conditions and warmth in cold ones. And they make your legs look longer than ever before!


6-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


With their sturdy construction and classic style, boots are a reliable option for any season. But in autumn, their muted colors help them blend in with the leaves, which means that when you’re walking outside, you’ll be able to feel like one with nature—and look good doing it! Boots are the best this fall fashion. They’re so versatile, too!


7-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


You can wear them with jeans, pants, skirts, or even a dress. Nowadays, there are many different types of boots that fit into all kinds of styles—from hiking boots to combat boots to thigh-high stilettos. Boots are the best item this fall fashion. They bring out the inner femininity in crossdressers. They are a great way to express your personality and add some flair to your outfit.


3. Plaids, checks and stripes


8-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


Excited about this season? Why not wear plaids, checks, and stripes? These prints all have an autumn vibe without being too literal about it—and they’re also perfect for transitioning from summer clothes into fall ones without making too much of a statement about it at first glance. We’re talking about the perfect combination of colors, patterns and textures that make you look like you’ve just stepped out of a fashion magazine. When you’re dressing in the autumn aesthetic, think about how you can bring together plaids and checks, stripes, and other patterns that bring in warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows.


9-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


You’ll want to make sure that your clothing is comfortable enough to wear outside in the cooler weather—but it should also be something you can easily layer with scarves or vests as the temperature drops. You can wear plaid shirts with jeans or even a skirt if you want to go for an even more feminine look. Plaid look is particularly popular this year—and why not?


It’s so comfortable, yet it still looks professional at the same time. And since plaids come in so many different colors and patterns, there’s something for everyone. Checks are another great option for fall fashion this year. They’re subtle enough that they won’t overwhelm your outfit. Additionally, stripes are not just for summer anymore!  The best part about stripes is that they can look great on any body type. Whether you have short legs or long limbs, you’ll be able to make these patterns work for you.


4. Scarves and shawls


10-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


So, if you’re looking for a way to get into the spirit of fall without going full-on pumpkin spice (which we love), try out some scarves and shawls. They’re fun, easy to wear, and will help you get into that autumn mood no matter where you are! They’re great for layering over long-sleeve shirts in the fall or winter, but they also look great with short sleeves if it’s warm enough. Scarves are a staple in any sister’s wardrobe.


11-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


A scarf can make your outfit feel cozy and warm without making it too heavy or over-the-top. Scarves and shawls are perfect for fall because they can be used to add texture and color to an otherwise simple outfit. For example: if you’re wearing jeans and a sweater during the day but want to look more interesting at night, try pairing them with a brightly-colored scarf or shawl that’ll catch people’s eyes when they look at you!


12-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


Scarves are super versatile—you can wrap them around your neck or tie them over your shoulders; you can even drape them around your bag or purse! They’ll keep you warm while also adding a touch of color to any outfit. Shawls are perfect for those who want something bolder in their wardrobe. They’re large enough to cover every inch of your body (including your back), so if you’re planning on going out for a night on the town, this is definitely what you need. You can wear them as wraps around your shoulders, as belts around your waist, or even as headbands—the possibilities are endless!


5. Layering with knitwear


13-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


As a sister, autumn can be a tricky time of year. Not all of us have the same body type. Some of us are curvy, and some are thin. Some of us have natural long hair, while most have short. But, one thing we all have in common is that we want to feel our most beautiful selves in the fall months like every other month, and if you’re anything like me, you want to look cute while staying warm. The key to this? Layers! When I’m feeling extra chilly, I like to pair my favorite sweater with a pair of jeans and boots or sneakers (depending on how much time I have). Don’t just throw on any old thing—you want your outfit to be comfortable and stylish at the same time!


14-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


One of the biggest trends right now is layering with knitwear. If you’re not feeling like wearing a big coat or sweater, but want to keep warm, try adding some knitwear. It’ll add just enough of a layer without making you feel bulky. This can also be done in a variety of ways, but one easy way to get started is to add a sweater or cardigan under your coat. If that feels too formal for what you’re going for, try adding a scarf instead! A bright sweater or scarf can bring life to any outfit without being too bold. It’s also important to consider texture. Knitwear is super warm and comfy—you’ll never want to take it off! I recommend pairing knitwear with denim or leggings for the perfect look.



15-How to tap into the autumn aesthetic as crossdressers


Autumn is absolutely a great time to crossdress! The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and fresh, and you can wear your favorite fall colors without feeling like you’re going overboard. I hope this fall-inspired blog post help you tap into the autumn aesthetic! Now get ready for those chilly mornings by adding cozy scarves or a pair of boots, and keep an eye out for my next fall fashion tips!


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