How to Train My Husband into a Submissive Sissy Crossdresser



How to Train My Husband into a Submissive Sissy Crossdresser


Suppose you are dominant and have a submissive sissy husband who likes being dominated and enjoys humiliation play.

In that case, this blog will help you train your husband into a submissive sissy crossdresser and make them feel more feminine.

Submissive husbands like feminization and giving control to their partners.

In fact, for most sissy men, this is how they achieve complete sexual satisfaction.

Even dominant ladies feel empowered and more dominant when they forcefully feminize their hubby and take full charge in bed.

Dominant partners enjoy watching their husband dressed as a sissy, wearing 6” stilettos, lacy panties, and a full face of makeup, and just worshipping them, sucking on the strap-on, and receiving deep anal pegging.

But training a sissy husband is not a one-step practice.

Turning husbands into a submissive and slutty obedient sissy takes appropriate time and training.

Want to know how? Let the submissive sissy husband training begin!



What is Sissification?


How to Train My Husband into a Submissive Sissy Crossdresser 


There are many dominant partners, especially women, who wish to dominate their partners but have no clue about sissification.

In fact, a lot of women have the misconception that this could turn their husbands gay, which is totally not the case.


How to Train My Husband into a Submissive Sissy Crossdresser 


Sissification is simply a practice that involves husbands taking on feminine roles and adopting submissive sissy traits and appearance.

Women sissify or feminize their husbands to demonstrate their dominance in the relationship.

This dominance can be amplified even further if the feminization is forced, or if the husbands are forced into demeaning activities, or are sexually humiliated or verbally abused by their partner.

I enjoy being called a sissy by my partner and find erotic humiliation to be a turn-on.

Forced feminization is also something I enjoy, but I only allow it with someone I trust completely.

Make sure anyone you allow to perform any forced kink or fetish is someone you have complete trust in.


What Is Sissy Training?


How to Train My Husband into a Submissive Sissy Crossdresser 


Sissy training teaches the sissy husband to act more feminine and submissive, both in the bedroom and in life in general, if they are willing to embrace the sissy lifestyle permanently.

Sissy training begins by teaching the husband about feminine clothes and makeup and gradually moves to behavioral aspects, like how to talk, sit, and move like a sissy.

After mastering these behaviors, sissy training also involves learning sexual behaviors typical of a sissy, such as giving control and being submissive.


For instance, my femdom taught me how to perform oral sex using her strap-on dildos.

She pegged me for the first time, and it was heavenly, among many other things that I can’t mention in this blog.

The extent of the training depends on you and your dom, how far you as partners want to go, and how much you are willing to commit to the sissy lifestyle.

Some sissies prefer to keep it confined to the bedroom, while others decide to adopt the sissy lifestyle 24/7.


How to Start Training Husband into a Sissy Sissy?


How to Train My Husband into a Submissive Sissy Crossdresser 


First of all, turning a husband into a submissive sissy is not an overnight play.

Sissification is a step-by-step process that requires time, commitment, and affection.

This involves constant communication, practicing femininity, and a lot of sissy training.

Respecting each other’s boundaries, especially the husband’s limits and emotions, is very important as they are the ones in a vulnerable spot.

It’s one thing to have a fantasy in your head, but acting it out is completely different!

Sissy needs to feel completely comfortable going forward.


How to Train My Husband into a Submissive Sissy Crossdresser 


If your sissy husband wants you to treat them in a certain way, then you have to accept it and talk through it.

For example, when my dom feminized me for the first time, I was not ready for anal pegging, and she respected my opinion.

After that, we both practiced pegging, got more information about it, and then she pegged me with love and compassion.


Keep in mind that any sort of sexual kink or fetish without consent and the partner’s comfort is abuse and manipulation, which can lead to unhealthy sex and relationships.

A sissy feels cherished and loved when she is understood and allowed to express femininity.

You can humiliate and dominate her, but make sure there is consent. Ensure everything is gentle and loving.


Steps to Train Husband into a Sissy Crossdresser


Starting with Panties


How to Train My Husband into a Submissive Sissy Crossdresser 


We sissies love panties. If there’s one thing that could instantly feminize us and turn us on, it’s cute girly panties.

The fit, the snugness, the soft fabric, and the feel it gives to sissy crossdressers are unmatched by anything else.

You can let your sissy wear panties from your wardrobe or take them shopping to let her buy their own panties.


If you want, you can even gift your sissy a nice pair of garters and stockings.

Sissies also love to wear pantyhose and a firm-fitting, good-looking bra.

You can ask your submissive sissy to wear panties throughout the day for humiliation play.


How to Train My Husband into a Submissive Sissy Crossdresser 


Some of the sexy panties my dom gives me are:



Feminizing Their Looks with Makeup


How to Train My Husband into a Submissive Sissy Crossdresser


Feminization is incomplete without makeup, as is sissification.

We sissies love getting our makeup done; the more feminine we feel, the better we can embrace our submissiveness.

As doms, you can apply our makeup, including eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick.

My dom sometimes took me to a nail salon and had my nails done in public, which made me feel so humiliated.

You can do that too. It’s a great way to assert your dominance over sissies and maintain that pang of humiliation even in public settings.


Dressing Them Like a Sissy


How to Train My Husband into a Submissive Sissy Crossdresser


Now it’s time for some dress-up. Sissy fashion is all about pinks, laces, frills, and glitter.

You can take your sissy husband shopping to humiliate them even more.

To show your dominance, you can make them try on women’s clothes in the male fitting rooms.

Some sissies like special sissy costumes like bunny girl outfits, barbie costumes, and French maid dresses, which give them a hyper-feminine bimbo look.


As a dom, you should get your sissy at least these few things: high heels, mini skirts, hot pants, tight crop tops, bodycon dresses, and over-the-top sissy costumes. Keeping a wardrobe ready will enable you to feminize them whenever you want.


Feminizing Their Body


How to Train My Husband into a Submissive Sissy Crossdresser 


You can command your sissy husband to maintain a feminine body type by giving them a sissy workout guide.

To humiliate them, you can punish your sissy husband every time they consume something extra or if their body type doesn’t look feminine enough.


To further feminize their body, instruct them to say no to a beard, hairy arms, chest, and butt.

Just ask for a smooth, hair-free body.

You can shave their hairy body yourself or even make them naked and shame the sissy for having such a hairy body.

My dom does that a lot.


Roanyer srossdress


Assert your dominance by telling your sissy husband to grow their hair longer, and you can style it in a feminine way to make them feel embarrassed in public. Put it in pigtails or a ponytail, or go cute with some ringlets.


Teaching Them Feminine Body Language


Roanyer crossdress 


You should train your sissy husband on how to talk and walk in a feminine way.

Give them some tips about feminine body language and behavior, which can help them fully adapt to femininity.


For example, you can teach them about how to walk in heels, give them assignments on learning how to sit cross-legged like a lady and how to speak like a woman, etc., as a dom can also punish them whenever they go wrong.

This will assert your dominance over your sissy husband.


There are a few more things that you can include in your sissy’s body language training, such as:


  • Teach them how to sway their hips while walking.
  • Practicing seductive mannerisms to become more sensual.
  • Teaching them how to serve you and worship you in a feminine way.
  • Teaching them how to moan like a woman during sex.
  • You can always reward them for completing their training and punish them for underperforming.
  • This will keep the sissy-dom dynamic more sensual and lively.


Asking for Sexual Things


Roanyer crossdress 


You can dominate your submissive husband by using chastity devices and practicing orgasm denial for extended periods.

Chastity play combined with sissification can put them in a very vulnerable position, stripping away their sense of manhood both mentally and physically. Treat your sissy as a total slut to assert full dominance.


If you want your sissy to enhance their sexual skills, then have them watch educational content to learn things like performing oral sex, sissy worship, moaning, etc. If your sissy is new to anal play, make sure you prepare them for anal pegging slowly and steadily.

Start with fingers, then butt plugs, and gradually move to dildos and strap-ons.

Ensure you provide them with complete anal satisfaction.




Roanyer crossdress


Being dominated by a partner and living life en femme is the best lifestyle a sissy husband can ever dream of.

In fact, dominant women also love the idea of having a submissive sissy husband.

There is a sissy husband for every dominant in this world; all you have to do is just look around and find the one who is ready to worship you and able to commit to the sissy lifestyle.


To assert your dominance, you can train your sissy husband, starting with sissification by making them dress like a sissy, look like a sissy, and even adapt to the sissy lifestyle.

Always make sure you keep it fun and interesting yet safe.

Respect the vulnerability of your sissy husband as a dominant partner, and make sure you don’t make them feel uncomfortable sexually or mentally.


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