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The Crossdressers Forum


Visit a crossdressers forum today and uncover what’s in store for you! Dig treasure troves of knowledge from fellow crossdressers’ rich experiences.

Online forums were made to put people with similar interests in a virtual setting. Crossdressers forum offers a space for crossdressers to interact about anything under the sun. These topics may be about crossdressing or just life in general.

These forums are not just limited to crossdressers, either. It also caters to related groups who share similar experiences. It includes transgender women, drag queens, and even Male-to-Female cosplayers looking for guidance.



History of Crossdressing


The Crossdressers Forum


Crossdressing has been here alongside the creation of humans. Though few records would stand as evidence of the reality.

Much information has been suppressed since before.

No one knows better than us— crossdressers of today— that crossdressing was not looked upon kindly from old traditions.


Still, we have some historical records to peruse and be proud of.

It’s like our ancestors’ book, in a way. It’s a long book, thankfully, a rich history proving our roots.

But I will focus on the most recognizable parts of history for easy identification:


The Crossdressers Forum


  • Crossdressing did not start as a taboo. It was a privilege actually, for men to crossdress as heroines in famous plays. They were actors, regarded for their talents, who could tap into their femininity and not be shamed for it.


  • World War II is one of the most tragic events in human history. People were desperate for some relief, a bit of entertainment. And so soldiers, all of whom were men, would dress in makeshift skirts and bras to do comedy skits in crossdress. Some copied their wives, others exaggerated how their mothers and sisters acted. Oh, this did not only happen in the US— it happened in all parts of the world, even Germany.


  • Crossdressing entered pop culture starting with the Broadway musical, Mr. Wix of Wickham (1904). Julian Eltinge’s performance and ability to emulate a woman’s gesture and attributes even led him to perform in front of King Edward VII. Today, the most famous reality show about crossdressing is RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Crossdressing has mostly been viewed by the public as an art form. The negative connotation started in the 1930s, dubbed the Pansy Craze. As the LGBTQ community celebrates with boisterous nightlife and parties, prohibitions paved the way for black markets. These attracted mobs. Soon, the police equated crossdressing and drag to trouble. Why? Because mob members often quarrel in front of establishments that feature impersonations.


The Importance of Safe Spaces


The Crossdressers Forum 


Crossdressers forums offer a safe space for crossdressers, transgenders, drag queens, and others.

These are individuals who don’t want to be limited by traditional norms.

Nor do they want to be bounded by mere fashion categories.


Wanting to wear clothing that does not align with your expected or assumed category should not be a problem in the first place.

But we know that many still perceive crossdressing as something taboo.

Not because wearing the opposite gender’s clothing is offensive or immoral.

But because we have innate prejudice against this type of behavior.

Sure, it stemmed from decades before, but it still impacts the whole crossdressing community.


The Crossdressers Forum 


Unfortunately, it is very difficult for crossdressers to locate or be near each other physically.

And so, crossdressers forums were made.

These are specifically created for crossdressers who have questions about their crossdressing journey.

When I say “crossdressing journey,” I mean all aspects of it.

This includes the crossdressing experience, personal life, and other issues and successes that come with being a crossdresser.


General Features


The Crossdressers Forum 


The general features of a crossdressing forum mimic that of any other forums you can see online.

For safety reasons, I suggest that you only sign up on a crossdressing forum that requires members’ login.

This will help you know that you are talking to real people and safeguard the crossdressing community against risks that may wreak havoc on the discussion boards and cause unnecessary drama.


Other features


  • Having the option of staying anonymous. This is especially crucial for any closeted member.


  • Long-time members, who have already proven their expertise may show with badge or specific badges on their account. It helps other members weigh their comments on posts and suggestions.


The Crossdressers Forum 


  • There are public and private discussion boards. The difference between these boards lies in various settings. For instance, a private board can be dedicated to a certain group within the forum. (Such as Moderators). It can also be discussions that contain sensitive content that other members may find triggering or uncomfortable. These boards require an account to meet eligibility for them to enter and see the discussions. It can be the verified age of an account owner or the age of the account (number of days since the account was made.)


  • All discussion boards have “Report” and “Block” features. These help keep the forum and its members safe. Some forums can ban and/or punish an account owner depending on their crime within the forum.


  • All forums have established rules that each member— new and old— must follow. There are fundamental rules that cannot be changed and there are temporary rules that can be more flexible. The forum mods will depend on an account’s punishment on what rule was broken and the gravity of the member’s actions.


What to Expect in Crossdressers Forum?


The Crossdressers Forum 


Think of a crossdressers forum as a large group chat about crossdressing and all that it encompasses.

There are no limits to what you can talk about in a crossdressers forum.

Except only of course if the forum rules explicitly tell you not to make something a discussion board subject.

I will discuss the three common subjects in a crossdressers forum.


Makeup, Fashion, and Identity


The Crossdressers Forum 


Why did I wrap these three categories in one subheading?

Well, if you go through the members’ posts, you will realize that the discussions often ask for fashion or makeup advice connected to the desire to discover one’s authentic self.

For sure, any poster will appreciate great recommendations for makeup, clothing brands, fabric cuts, etc.

But at the core of it all, the posters want to find the right style for their body shape and do the right makeup to fully showcase their identity.


The Crossdressers Forum 


  • There are specific discussion boards where members can ask for specific brand recommendations for makeup or clothing as well. The good thing about crossdressers forum is that the answers will be coming from a place of lived experience and brutal but honest product reviews. Members who give unreliable recommendations urged by financial gain (such as commissions) can be sanctioned or risk their reputation within the forum.
  • It’s also not unusual to see step-by-step tips on how to do specific makeup styles or fashion aesthetics. Those who get confused about the steps can directly ask the original poster to guide them or give them more details of the shared tip.


Unrivaled Support and Unlimited Advice


Roanyer crossdress 


It may take you a while, but in time you will build a reputation within the form.

If you are a rule-abiding and respectful member, it’ll be easy to foster friendships.

You can tell them your every concern, receive advice, and do the same for them.


A forum’s strength comes from its members’ engagement and support of each other.

Advice within the discussion boards is usually ripped from the member’s real-life encounters and hard-earned lessons.

Additionally, members can share their successes, no matter how small.

Although members are only connected by words on screens, they celebrate and cheer each other on.

This kind of camaraderie cannot be translated into real life easily, especially for crossdressers,

transwomen, and other related groups who cannot be out and display their gender expression and identity in public.


Having an online support system, even if it’s just within the virtual rounds of the Internet,

is important for one’s mental health and emotional well-being.

Despite not seeing your friends face-to-face and only seeing the icons,

having friends to talk to who understand your journey is enough to fight loneliness.


Events and Meetups


The Crossdressers Forum 


You can also find a specific forum board of your city or location if the crossdressing community in that place is big enough.

There will be notes and announcements about meetups or events where you can meet your fellow forum members in person.


How to Join Crossdressers Forums


Roanyer Crossdress 


You can easily follow the steps I’ll lay down below:


  1. Find a crossdressers forum you want to join. It can be a dedicated forum for MtF crossdressers or resources for other related groups, like transgender individuals.


  1. Locate the “Register” or “Sign Up” button. Click it, the page will redirect you to a registration page and ask for your details.


  1. The usual details most crossdressers forums ask for are;


  1. User Name
  2. Chosen password
  3. Email address
  4. Date of birth (to verify you’re of legal age; you can choose to display this on your profile or not)
  5. Other additional information; usually these are just checking your time zone.
  6. The forum rules will be presented to you. Read through them and tick the box to confirm you’ve understood and agree to the rules.
  7. Click “Complete Registration.
  8. Wait for your confirmation email from the forum.
  9. Verify your forum profile and personalize it.
  10. Network with other crossdressers.


Are crossdressers forums just for crossdressers, transwomen, and other related groups?

Crossdressers’ family and friends can join too. As long as their objective is not malicious.




roanyer crossdress 


The internet has revolutionized crossdressing over the years.

I’ve met a lot of my friends from crossdressers forums, so I’m hoping you meet yours there too.

It’s true that we have social media platforms to connect with others.

But these sites are not sifted through and include trolls and problematic people.

In crossdressing forums, this type of behavior is mitigated, so you can get real knowledge and sincere advice from others.

It’s important to rely on others during our self-discovery journey.

Through the help of a community, you can be more prepared and know what to expect.

You will also have more courage to push your boundaries for the better.




Roanyer crossdress


Is anonymity maintained on crossdressers forums?


If members choose to, crossdressers forums respect their decision.

These sites know the importance of being anonymous so their users can freely interact in the community without anything holding them back.


What is the etiquette expected in crossdressers forums?


Just like in usual forums, respect and adherence to the forum rules are expected.

Not contributing the right information on a post is also frowned upon.

For instance, a member posts a question about a budget makeup brand.

But another member disses it and promotes another brand as they get a commission from it.


How can I contribute to and benefit from the discussions on the forum?


Visit the forum regularly and contribute to the community by sharing your experience or knowledge on relevant posts.

At the same time, feel free to ask others about anything and learn as much as you can.


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