Step-By-Step Guide: How to Perfect Your Femboy Hooters Look



Step-By-Step Guide - How to Perfect Your Femboy Hooters Look


When I first heard of the term Femboy Hooters I automatically thought of the Hooters restaurants and their scantily-clad hostesses.

Well, I’m glad to know that I’m not far off! The Femboy Hooters has been a hot topic in various communities.

It also started several discussions in other subcultures.


And let me tell you— it’s not just the aesthetics.

Let’s have an interesting discussion on what comprises the Femboy Hooters meme in the following sections!



The “Femboy Hooters” Meme 


Femboy Hooters originated from the idea of having a restaurant similar to Hooters but with feminine men or femboys working instead.


Step-By-Step Guide - How to Perfect Your Femboy Hooters Look 


Hooters Restaurant 


Hooters is a restaurant chain with 400+ locations in 30+ states serving bar food: wings, beers, and others.

It garnered its popularity not from its menu, but from its waitresses’ very revealing barely-there clothing.

Many call it “breastaurants” for their cleavaged ladies.

This isn’t surprising, especially since its six founders were inspired by the bombshell and Playboy playmate Lynne Austin.

She’s also the very first to wear the Hooters uniform.


Most customers who go to these restos don’t intend to enjoy food.

They intend to enjoy looking at “hot girls.”

It’s not a secret either, if you try to apply to be a part of the “Hooters Girls,”

the restaurant doesn’t expect you to have a pleasing personality.

They expect you to look your best while serving the meals, of course.


Origins of the Femboy Hooters Meme


Step-By-Step Guide - How to Perfect Your Femboy Hooters Look


Stayhipp credits X (formerly Twitter) user @/Comfy_Times for posting about Femboy Hooters in 2019.

Since then, the idea has gained traction and is now a viral sensation.


It has a dedicated Reddit community, r/femboyhooters, with at least 43,000 members where they share various art of original characters and known characters in anime and games in Hooters uniform.

Some femboys even post themselves in Hooters garb or create other media (such as songs and special menus) to support the proposed resto.

It even has a petition with 29,220 signatures on urging the original Hooters chain to consider the idea.


Speaking of the original chain, “Hootie,” the restaurant’s official mascot, tweeted on 2020: “Nothing like getting an email from your boss with the subject line ‘Femboys’” (@/Hootie via X)


Understanding Femboys


Step-By-Step Guide - How to Perfect Your Femboy Hooters Look


Before we dive into the deeper end, let me first brief you on what femboys mean.

Femboys don’t necessarily refer to nonbinarys, gay boys, or gay men.

One can be a femboy even if they identify as straight or cis.

In fact, “femboys” is a shorthand for “feminine boys” or young men who display feminine qualities.


Femboys’ characteristics surpass what one wears. It influences their behaviors and way of speaking too.

Though we’re talking about hypersexualized Hooters servers, the term “femboys” is not exclusively used sexually.

It may rub others in the wrong way as being a feminine boy goes against the traditional assumptions of masculinity.


In reality, being a femboy blends masculine and feminine characteristics of your identity.

Some femboys just choose to expose it via their fashion choices.


The Appeal of the Femboy Hooters Aesthetic


Step-By-Step Guide - How to Perfect Your Femboy Hooters Look 


Let’s refocus on the Femboy Hooters aesthetic. Why is it becoming such a trend?

Well, for one, it explores how masculinity and femininity can manifest in various styling techniques and presentations.

Fashion has always been influential. It’s an excellent way to spread details over various groups.


Femboy Hooters’ aesthetic’s popularity hinges most on the many looks and combinations it poses to conservatives and crossdressers alike.

The freedom to explore the blend of feminine and masculine elements in fashion and self-expression makes it appealing to the masses.


Perfecting the Femboy Hooters Aesthetic


Step-By-Step Guide - How to Perfect Your Femboy Hooters Look 


There’s nothing wrong with trying to emulate the Hooters’ uniform.

Look at it like this: Crossdressers who want to emulate office ladies do it with blouses and pencil skirts.

If they want to mimic cheerleaders, they do so with pleated skirts and pompoms.


So, when it comes to the Hooters’ regalia, you’ll need two things: a skimpy top with the Hooters logo and bright orange (very tight) shorts.

An alternative color scheme includes a combo of black, orange, and white.




There are variations to the low-cut tops. It can be a cap-sleeved blouse, a tank top, or a sports bra type.

A more conservative version of the uniform includes a crop top and long sleeves, but it’s still as tight as possible.

These tops are tucked under the uniforms’ hotpants.


Step-By-Step Guide - How to Perfect Your Femboy Hooters Look 




There have been recent controversies regarding the new uniform of the chain where they shift the attention from the servers’ breasts to their buttocks. Old uniforms can still be considered “shorts,” but the new uniforms are closer to panties.


Shoes, Accessories, and Others


As for the shoes? You just need a pair of classic white rubber shoes.

Other accessories include a bow choker and stockings or tights. Despite Hooters’ “indecent” leanings, it’s actually a strict chain.

So, if you really want to emulate the original Hooters look, you should pay attention to your:


Makeup – Must be natural

Nails – Should only be nude or French

Jewelry – Can only have one ring on the ring finger, nothing else


But since you’re just emulating the Hooters’ look, you don’t have to tick off all the boxes in the servers’ required uniform.


Products to Use for the Femboy Hooters Look


Step-By-Step Guide - How to Perfect Your Femboy Hooters Look 


No one expects Femboy Hooters to change their physical bodies to fit the aesthetic.

But no one’s stopping you from taking it up a notch either. First, decide for yourself what category you’re after: Do you want to copy Lynn Austin? Do you want to wear the latest Hooters uniform? Or do you want to combine it with another aesthetic?


The Original Hooters Girl


Lynn Austin jumpstarted the restaurant’s fame. The list of products you’ll need include:


A dirty blonde wig

A white cropped scoop neck tank top with the Hooters logo (you can buy online or print your own)

An orange sports or boxer shorts

A pair of white, quarter-length socks

A pair of white shoes


Additionally, since Hooters took off with showing off its servers’ ample breasts, include breast forms in your attire.


Most Updated Hooters Regalia


Step-By-Step Guide - How to Perfect Your Femboy Hooters Look 


Though there are still issues, the most recent Hooters uniform update is undeniably one of the sexiest.


A dirty blonde wig

A white, black, or combination tight top (cup-sleeved, long-sleeves, tank top, and others) with the Hooters logo

A pair of skin-colored tights

A pair of white, ankle socks

A pair of white rubber shoes


Since Hooters decided to invest both in front and at the back of its servers, purchase breast forms and some hip and butt enhancements to show off your assets.


Hooters Combo


Step-By-Step Guide - How to Perfect Your Femboy Hooters Look 


Exercise your creativity and pair your Femboy Hooters aesthetics with other famous looks.

For instance, you can be a goth femboy, a cute femboy, and many more.

For example, you decide to be a Goth Femboy Hooters, then add the following to your original Hooters uniform:


Goth makeup

Black wig

A pair of high-cut combat boots (rather than white rubber shoes)

Face piercings



Femboy Confidence and Self-Expression


Step-By-Step Guide - How to Perfect Your Femboy Hooters Look 


More than improving boys’ appearance, following a trendy aesthetic is an excellent way to draw out your confidence.

It offers an avenue for self-expression to own your sexuality and define masculinity in your own way.


When you try and pose as a member of the Femboy Hooters, you emphasize the importance of self-acceptance and shatter societal norms in fashion and personal style. You crush what it means to be a “man” in the 21st century.


Overcoming Challenges and Criticism


Step-By-Step Guide - How to Perfect Your Femboy Hooters Look 


When did the femboy community stop receiving criticism and overcoming challenges?

Femboys’ existence in itself is a deviation from long-established masculine standards.

It’s nothing new to hear sour comments about unconventional fashion choices and display “non-masculine” behaviors.


To bar yourself against the negativity of skewed takes, exercise the following:


Step-By-Step Guide - How to Perfect Your Femboy Hooters Look


Stay calm by proper breathing. Panic attacks are common and if you’re prone to anxiety whenever you receive criticisms or hurtful comments, practice inhaling for three seconds and exhaling up to eight.

Repeat this breathing technique and you’ll find it easier to ignore others’ irrelevant remarks.


Stop being mean to yourself. You might think negative self-talk keeps you humble.

But it’s only hurting yourself. Negative self-talk can cause depression, PTSD, and even OCD.

Replace it instead with positive affirmations. Or, don’t think of anything else.


Block toxic people’s access to you. Not everyone you interact with is your friend.

There are people you should protect yourself from, whether they cause physical, emotional, or mental harm.

Limit people’s access to your life and privacy.




Roanyer crossdress


The Femboy Hooters meme becoming popular is a testament to the group’s influence in other communities.

Aside from being able to express yourself through fashion items, being a femboy is an awesome way to burst old notions of what it means to be male.


Still, no viral meme can overrun the confidence you’ll gain when you let yourself explore beyond the normal.

Don’t be afraid to spotlight your unique interpretation of various femboy looks. Unravel your definition of gender and discover your full potential!

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