Valentine’s Fashion Ideas for Crossdressers


So your hot online date is just dying to take you out, and you’ve no clue about how to slay on Valentine’s Day as a crossdresser.


You’re scared of whether he’ll adore your en-femme look in person, and the thought of possibly losing your Valentine is just too much.




Babygirl, I get it. You’re dying for your man to treat you like the diva you are on this oh-so-special day.


You want to be treated over and cherished like a princess.


No need to panic, sweetie, I will make it happen for yaa!


Believe me, I’ve been there, and I totally understand the excitement and nervousness you’re feeling right now.


I am going to give you some Valentine’s styling advice so that you can make it the most romantic day of the – one you’ll never forget!



Valentine’s Makeup Tips for Crossdressers




First up for us is shaving off that beard – it’s a total must. Then, to get our cheeks all soft and smooth, use a gentle foaming cleanser.


It’s fab for exfoliating, removing impurities, and giving a radiant glow after each wash.


Next is hydration. Borrow your sister’s hydrating serum – and if she asks about your date, just tell her that, “Oh, I’ll be sleeping with your boyfriend tonight!” (Just kidding, lol).


A hydrating serum is a must for crossdressers as it ensures our skin absorbs all the makeup.


Trust me, it will give you a gorgeously feminine look, so don’t fade on hydrating serum.




Want your man to fall in love at first sight? 


Start with base makeup to hide that masculine skin with primer, liquid foundation, and concealer.


Now, with your face looking all sexy and femme, it’s time to do the eye makeup.


Babe, it’s Valentine’s, so go bold. Use eyeliner to define your lash line and create a killer cat-eye look with small flicks at the end of your upper lash line.


Then, apply the same eyeliner on the inner corner of your lower lash line. For lips, let’s keep it classy with nude lipstick – nothing too heavy, darling.


Remember, it’s a romantic date, not a drag show night.


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Valentine’s Dressing Tips for Crossdressers


Cute White Dress




Say no to black dresses and dazzle in a cute white dress!


White is way more sexy and way more feminine than black, so it’s obvious.


We can accessorize even to feminize the outfit. Gold and silver accessories are always a good choice for any crossdresser with a white outfit.


Remember that you are going for a feminine look and not a crossdresser or sissy boy look, so keep it classy and elegant.


Spice up your pout in vivid hues like red, pink, plum, or maroon to add that extra pop of color.


And look at you, baby girl, OMG, he’s the luckiest guy in the world.


Funky Floral Playsuits




Playsuits or jumpsuits are, like, the best choices for a lakeside romantic picnic date.

If you’re asking moi, I’d pick a playsuit that has feminine floral prints in something light and pretty like pinks, baby red, yellow, you know, those cute girly colors.


With playsuits, makeup should be minimalistic; just add a dash of playful, fun eyeshadow to keep it chic.


And, oh my gosh, don’t forget to carry a gorgeous clutch to feminize the overall look.


Elegant Maxi Dress




For all you lovely crossdressing mamas over 30, maxi dresses are the perfect choice for you, mama.


Go for a slightly daring, sultry look with a  maxi dress. Choose one that fits tight and accentuates your feminine curves.


Mama Crossy is going to get wet tonight (wink wink).


Here’s a little tip for you, mama sissy: pick patterns and prints that suit every occasion, whether it’s a quiet, romantic evening with your partner or celebrating with your single besties.


A touch of blush on your cheeks and some eyeliner, paired with a long hair wig, will give you the look of your dreams.


Statutory warning: You’re going to get a lot of attention on Valentine’s Day with this look.


Classic Red Dress




Going out for a romantic dinner date with your rich sugar daddy boyfriend?


A Valentine’s classic red dress is the way to go, babe.


Choose a red dress that lovingly hugs your feminine curves and accentuates your feminine shape.


You want to look like Daddy’s woman, right? Pair that all-red dress with a chic nude bag and sleek black heels.


Your makeup should be nude, but babe, feel free to go bold with dark red lipstick. Got for it, be his glamorous bimbo chick


Flirty Pink Skirt




For all my femboy girlies out there, this Valentine’s fashion tip is for you.


A flirty pink skirt paired with an adorable bralette top.


Imagine walking in the park, holding your boyfriend’s arm, your skirt billowing gracefully.


That bralette top looks so cute on you, OMG babe!


Pair this look with nude heels and a chic hat for that extra stylish femboy look.


This ensemble is sure to leave a lasting impression on your boyfriend, I’m sure of it.


Remember to pick a short skirt, something above the knees, okay? A pastel eyeshadow will complement this look just about right.


Add a touch of glitter highlighter, and if you want to go wig-free femboy look, that’s totally fine too!


Valentine’s Lingerie Tips for Crossdressers






Who doesn’t love seeing a crossdresser in a baby doll on a romantic Valentine’s night?


We just adore wearing these extremely erotic baby dolls, and our men love seeing us in them, so what’s stopping you, babe?


Snag a sexy pair of baby dolls for Valentine’s night to drive your man wild.


Babydolls often come with matching G-strings, and when paired with Roanyer breast forms, OMG, the feeling is just indescribable.


You’re going to feel absolutely amazing!


Satin Gown




If you’re a millennial sissy crossdresser and your man has invited you to spend a night with him on Valentine’s, babe, it’s not just about Valentine’s Day – there’s more to it, and you know it, I know it.


That bad boy wants to ride you.


So, I’d suggest getting a gorgeous satin gown. It’s sexy, fancy, and so much more elegant than just a regular bra and panties.


It’s perfect for spending a cozy night with your bae.


Satin gowns, paired with breast forms and hip pads, really create that desired feminine silhouette and amp up the sex appeal.


Three Piece Lingerie Set




The forever classic three-piece lingerie set is the perfect choice for crossdressers on a Valentine’s night.


A three-piece lingerie set consists of a bra, panties, and stockings. Sexy right?


It’s a bedroom-only affair, baby girl.


I always imagine giving a private lap dance to my man in a sexy red three-piece lingerie set. How romantic is that?


I think this Valentine’s, I am going to fulfill this fantasy of mine.


Pro-tip for you, babe: Pair these three-piece lingerie sets with matching heels and a gorgeous wig, and that’s all you need.


Now, he’ll be doing all those things to you that you’ve been dreaming of.


Valentine’s Essential for Crossdressers


Roanyer Breast Forms


Roanyer dating tips 


Come on, babe, it’s a romantic day, not your usual casual crossdressing session, so breast forms are a must.


Whether you’re heading to a romantic candlelit dinner or planning to have fun all night, we, as crossdressers, should always wear breast forms on special occasions to make our men go absolute ‘nuts’ on us.


Roanyer Hip Pants


Roanyer dating tips 


Hip pants will totally enhance our feminine shape and make us look super cute in lingerie, baby dolls, or a bodycon dress.


So, hips are a must for crossdressers on Valentine’s Day.


Slip on those sexy silicone hip pads or hip-enhancing pants into your underwear for an instant, a fabulous boost to your hips and butt.


Tucking Panties


Roanyer dating tips 


Yeah, babe, that’s like the most important must-have essential for crossdressers getting ready for a special occasion.


Tucking panties helps us achieve that V-shaped feminine crotch that adds to our allure as crossdressers.


And let’s be real, even in intimate settings, wearing tucking panties under lingerie is a smart choice for us since most of us aren’t fans of that big bulge we have.


I mean, if I’m being totally honest with you, I like my clitty, but not when I’m sitting in his lap making love, you know?


In some moments, I want to forget that I’m a crossdresser, and tucking panties helps me do just that. I absolutely love my tucking panties. I have like a dozen of them.


Final Words


Roanyer dating tips 


Listen up; the season of love is here, my dear, and I would say don’t hold yourself back from anything.


If you’re crushing on someone, just go for it. Don’t hesitate just because you’re a crossdresser.


Put your best foot forward, babe. Whether it’s makeup, dressing, or your overall style, shine bright!


Trust me, babe, being all girly with a man really helps us understand more about ourselves as crossdressers.


Like after I started dating a man, I embraced my femininity even more. I became more feminine, and this happens to a lot of us crossdressers.



So, cherish this season of love, dress sexy and feminine, and make sure to have a lot of fun and a lot of Ahm! You know what I mean.


I’m dying to hear about your Valentine’s outfit and your plans. Thanks for reading, and I’m sending all wishes that you find the hottest date this year.


See you soon, babes!


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