Mtf Crossdressers: How Do I Convert Sizes of Female Dresses?


Crossdressing is anything but boring. It’s an adventure in itself.


But at times, it can be not easy to buy the clothing we want.


We face serious challenges when shopping for clothes because we usually have to buy them in the women’s department.


There are variations in labeling and sizing, which can make it challenging to get a good fit.


We need to be sure to take note of these differences before making any clothing purchases.


1 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


There are so many different sizes; how do we know what fits us the best?


Fortunately, you can do a few things to make things easier.


For example, if we want to wear a dress, it’s helpful to know our waist and hips because most dresses are based on those measurements.


It is easier if you have a friend to help.


It’s crucial to measure the length, in inches, around the body at the four locations shown: chest, bust, waist, and hips.


A cloth measuring tape will help take these measurements.


To measure our waist, tie a string around the natural curve of the midsection.


Remember not to tie it too tightly, but don’t let it go too loose either.


The natural waistline is where our body bends in naturally when we turn to the side.


Measure the hips over the largest part of our buttocks and hips with the tape going around them snugly but not too tight.


Remember that the tape should always remain parallel to the floor while measuring.


For blouses, it’s best to take our shoulder width since we have broader shoulders than women. 




A large range of women’s clothing is available for crossdressers, from dresses, skirts, and wigs to shoes and accessories.


There are also other items of clothing, such as leggings, pants, and tops.


Knowing what clothing works well with our size is a good way to enhance our looks and bring out our inner femme as crossdressers.



1. What are the major issues with male-to-female crossdressers’ clothes?


2 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


We all know that crossdressing can be a beautiful hobby and a life-changing experience for some.


Many of us encounter one issue: trying to find the right clothing that looks good and fits right.


The clothing styles we want are essentially made for women.


Their clothing runs smaller than ours, so it’s often difficult to find good-fitting clothing.


For example, finding a dress that fits us properly, especially a large-framed man, might be exhausting.


The most important thing to remember when looking for clothing is to get something that fits our body type.


A dress that fits too tight or too loose can make us look ill-proportioned, so it is important to find clothing that feels comfortable.


3 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


Experienced crossdressers know that clothing sizes differ greatly from one maker to the next.


Try on skirts from different companies and check out a variety of clothes like blouses, shirts, sweaters, dresses, and shoes instead of being disappointed if one purchase doesn’t fit quite right!


After all, pleasing your feminine side is about more than just wearing the perfect dress!


2. How to find the right size for you


4 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


Finding the right clothes for crossdressing can be a headache.


There are a lot of different brands, styles, and designs out there!


But there are a few things we need to keep in mind in the end.


First, finding the right size is paramount. Always measure oneself before ordering any clothes.


It may be a good idea to compare yourself to other clothing brands. Some brands are bigger or smaller than others.



Another important thing is “fitting.” If a dress, shirt, or pair of pants is tight, it’s not going to look right.


You want to get clothes that fit your body’s shape.


5 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


The right fit is vital to being comfortable and looking your best when crossdressing.


We can find charts to help us determine our size.


Shopping online can be done as well as in stores to get the feel and look of the variety of sizes.


Use a measuring tape to get the best size possible.


We can enjoy the feeling of looking our best no matter what we are wearing if it fits us perfectly!


3. How to convert a man’s size to a female size


6 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


Women’s clothing sizes aren’t standardized.


For example, a size ten dress from Company A might not be the same as a dress that is said to be the same size made by Company B.


First, you need to take your measurements. Waist, hips, and bust measurements are crucial to know.


7 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


Blouses are sized by bust measurement, and sometimes you may have to take your shoulder width into account as well, depending on whether they fit narrow or standard shoulders.


“Standard” shoulder is a single seam along the top of the shoulder.


In contrast, a Raglan shoulder has diagonal seams from shoulder to neckline.


Raglan is typically made for people with broad shoulders and allows for more sizing options.


A bust measurement of 40 inches requires a size 20.




To convert from men’s size to women’s pants size, subtract 21 inches from the waist measurement of the men’s pants.


For example, men’s pants with a 40-inch waist would be approximately a women’s size 19.


Typically, the inseam is roughly the same for both.


For dresses, the measurement from shoulder to knees is needed, and waist to knees measurements for skirts.



8 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


4. How to fit into women’s dresses, blouses, pants, or skirts?


If you’ve read until here, you know that the best way to fit into women’s clothing is by knowing one’s size first and foremost.


When we know the size of our body parts, we can easily calculate a woman’s clothing size based on it.


It can be done by considering both the sizes and picking the best fit for your measurements.


We may want to try the clothing in a store first or decide to buy it online.


An easy way to do this is to go to the brand’s website and look for a link to a size chart.


9 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


All of us have our unique physique – some are average size and tend to be built fairly evenly, and some don’t fit that description.


The same goes for clothes that come off the rack; they’re not going to work perfectly for every single person.


As such, it’s important to take the time to get some alterations done on your clothes and enlist help to make sure those improvements meet our expectations.


When we pull on a pair of women’s jeans, we’re not just a crossdresser.


Whether we wear a fourteen, sixteen, or twenty-four, if we take the time to find jeans that fit us well and make us feel good, it’s a feat in itself.


We should be proud of ourselves. We deserve to look good.


10 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


5. How can you convert a women’s size eight dress to a men’s size?


When you purchase a dress, you may not know the exact size that you need.


Measuring ourselves is a great way to determine this, especially since sizing varies from one brand to the next.


The chest, waist, and hips will be the most important measurements for clothing, so take those with a measuring tape.


Most crossdressers have wider shoulders, so it’s best to check the size guide and go up one or two sizes of clothing – this will ensure enough room in the shoulder area, so there’s no significant tightness.


11 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


In general, men’s and women’s clothing can differ in size by 1-2 sizes.


For example, a woman’s medium is approximately the same size as a man’s small.


It might vary depending on brand and style, but they are consistently 1 or 2 sizes off in general.


Selecting clothing that fits well may be easier said than done.


To convert a size eight dress to a men’s size, it’s best to carefully measure the holy three: chest area, waist, and hips.


Essentially, a size 8 is a medium, meaning a crossdresser should purchase the large or extra-large size.


One could also refer to the conversion site that is provided by every online clothing shop, for example.


12 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


As we shop, we should also try to ensure that the hems and seam lines allow for maximum movement, if possible.


And most importantly, choose clothes that are appropriate in length and cut to our age.


Garments that flow freely with ease look more flattering on all body types.


The good news is that many brands make unisex clothing, or clothing that fits both men and women.


So, we have additional options in finding clothes that fit our body type.


6. What are the other options for wearing female clothing?


13 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


If one is struggling to make things fit, learning how to sew can help.


Learning the most common types of alterations is vital.


We could take some time to learn how to lengthen or shorten a hem, for instance.


Another recommendation when it comes to female clothing is Amazon Prime.


As a member, we can access an excellent service called Prime Wardrobe.


With this service, consumers will be able to use a website to order clothing and shoes.


We may try on the clothes in the privacy of our home and decide if we want to keep them or not, especially if it doesn’t fit.


14 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


The best thing about crossdressing is that it is highly versatile and allows us to play around with our styles in many ways.


And while dresses are our most prominent option and provide the most ease, it isn’t our only viable option.


We can also choose to wear skirts and shorts, which have a lot of exciting and trendy styles.


If one doesn’t like the frills and lace of a dress, a skirt can be a simpler alternative that flatters our silhouette.


15 - MtF crossdressers How do I convert sizes of female dresses


When we’re crossdressing, we must learn about our body measurements in order to take advantage of them.


Knowing this we can move forward with assurance when choosing the dresses, skirts, or blouses we want to wear.


We can perfectly develop our inner femme with clothes and accessories that are just right for us.


If we learn exactly what sizes will accommodate our shape, it will bring us a great sense of confidence.



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