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Penis Play and Penis Size for FTM Crossdressers


In this article, we examine aspects of penis play and gain an understanding of penis play and penis size for FTM crossdressers.



There are many aspects we can learn about penis play and penis size for FTM crossdressers.


As FTM crossdressers we make our sexual experience exciting using various sex activities such as penis play.


Also, most of us use the penis as a way of feeling comfortable and affirming our gender identity.


FTM Crossdressers 


We will evaluate penis play and penis size for FTM crossdressers, the significance of having the right size, and the various ways we can enlarge our manhood.



Penis Play and Penis Size for FTM Crossdressers


What is Penis Play?


FTM Crossdressers


Penis play refers to any type of sexual behavior that stimulates the penis causing arousal.


It can be an individual form of diversion, an intimate meeting of two persons, or some sex party involving several people.


Intercourse is simply one form of play among many activities between us, FTM crossdressers, on any sexual contact.


This helps us to open up about ourselves and assess what makes us masculine.


Importance of the Right Penis Size in a Relationship


FTM Crossdressers 


Some of the significance of the right penis size in a relationship are:


Sexual Satisfaction


Sexual satisfaction is highly dependent on the size of the penis, and that’s why it matters in a relationship.


While we would be happy with the stimulation that we receive from smaller or average sizes, some of us would opt for big-sized dicks just for the sake of receiving much pleasure and several orgasms from the girth of the penis.


FTM Crossdressers  


Psychological Well-being


Some of us believe that having the right manhood size shows that we are more masculine hence boosting our confidence.


Similarly, when we have the right size that fits in our partners’ anal or vagina, we will have stable mental health since we will give our partners the satisfaction, they need in their sex lives.


Body Dysphoria


One of the leading medical issues that affects some of us, as the FTM people, is body dysphoria.


As a trans man, we can enjoy having sex with our partners if we can have the right penis size that relieves the gender dysphoria among us.


FTM Crossdressers 


Role-Playing and Fantasies


Role-playing and fantasies in relations depend heavily on the proper phallus size.


Some of us want to take part in sexual activities like enslavers and enslaved persons, and the penis comes in handy because it increases bonding and sexual satisfaction.


It is also important because the correct size of the penis may enable us to reach for our sexiest dreams, like BDSM, rough bondage, and hardcore.


Does Penis Size Matter?


FTM Crossdressers 


FTM crossdressers do not necessarily need a large penis size since everything depends exclusively on personal discretion.


For instance, some of us would like our partners’ penises to be tiny or medium sizes while others would rather go big.


The ability to choose the size of the genitals and sex life is very important for FTM crossdressers.


Methods of Increasing our Penis Size


FTM Crossdressers 


Here are some methods we can use to increase our penis naturally:


FTM Prosthetic Penis


As FTM crossdressers, one of the effective ways to expand our penis size includes utilizing the FTM prosthetic penis.


We could also employ the device should we search for means that turn us into men.


Prosthetic penises are known to comprise different materials like silicon, foam, and plastic that are tailor-made according to our bodily size, figure, and personal taste.


FTM prosthetic penis gives us confidence in our penis size because we are the ones who can decide the size of a penis that fits us best.


FTM Crossdressers 


Muscle Body Suits with Dildos.


Alternatively, we could opt to put on the Roanyer muscle body suit accompanied by a dildo that enhances our penile girth.


Such dildo-muscle body suits are available in different sizes and colors and hence we can get the size that best fits us.


Our entire bodies are suited in a muscular body suit that has an attached dildo which we place right onto the skin while helping in compressing our breasts hence giving us a more manlike look and feel.


Packing Devices


We can also use packing devices that help us make our penis large in size.


These devices come in various forms, sizes, and styles, such as 3-in-1 packers, soft packers, stand-to-pee devices, and hard packers.


These packers enable us to feel confident about our penis size while cross-dressing as FTMs.


They also come in various forms, uncircumcised and circumcised, since not all of us have the same taste.


FTM Crossdressers 


Exercise and lifestyle modifications


We can consider exercise such as jelqing, which helps to boost blood circulation to our genital organs.


This natural remedy also helps to increase the size of our penis, culminating in a very powerful and long erection.


On the other hand, we must consider the safety aspect of these exercises before undergoing them, as we know them to potentially cause discomfort or mild to severe complications.


We may promote blood circulation in our penis by eating a balanced diet, for example, foods rich in protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates.


Fruits and vegetables such as watermelons, onions, bananas, and spinach stimulate our blood circulation since they are antioxidants hence, we should add them to our meals.


Overcoming Challenges Related to Penis Sizes


FTM Crossdressers 


Here are some tips that will help us overcome challenges related to penis size:


Having body positivity


We can accept to view our own bodies with confidence as it allows us to go through the challenges.


Instead of worrying about the issues attached to penis size, we need to practice mental and physical exercises for body confidence like meditation and yoga.


Just like we would like others to encourage us when we face such challenges and difficulties for example, body shaming, let us support other people in the same way and then we’ll get the true sense of our bodies.




Education enables us to understand in depth how the human body functions.


Through education, we will learn and create awareness that will help us to overcome the challenges that we face such as body shaming.


Gender identity awareness will enable society to be more accepting, loving, and kind.


Also, learning the human anatomy will enable us to discover the most appropriate procedures we could engage in as we transition into FTM crossdressers.


Roanyer penis play 



Focus on our strengths


For all FTM crossdressers, we may examine all the positivities about our bodies and other activities that we can do within the comfort of the bedroom.


For instance, I may have great skill in giving clitoris jobs or blowjobs, despite my penis being small.


This implies focusing on our strengths in bed and also outside, which will enable us to gather self-confidence, thus reducing the insecurities resulting from small penises.




We can have an emotionally fulfilling sex life if we discuss openly with our partners what we love, our insecurities, hate, and fears.


This is possible through having discussions on any concern relating to the size of the penis and other means that help in augmenting enjoyment and satisfaction.


This could help us get emotionally attached to them, hence overcoming stress and strengthening our marriage.


Roanyer penis play 


Practice self-acceptance 


As a way of coping with such issues associated with phallus size, we need to love ourselves more and accept ourselves.


The other thing is to replace the negative thought formulations that may emerge in our minds with positive words and expressions.


Other Ways to Enhance Sexual Satisfaction 


Penis size is just one element of sexual satisfaction. The various ways to enhance our sexual satisfaction are:


Emotional Connection



Sex is a holistic and fun act, and therefore we must stimulate closeness sessions with our spouses for the sex to be holistic and fun.


Besides being loving and affectionate with cuddling and kissing while sleeping side by side, meaningful sexual conversations may indeed increase enjoyment and intimacy hence bringing out emotional connection.




Masturbation is a way of self-discovery with respect to what turns us on and what our hot spots and G-spots are.


Pornographic materials, such as pornsites and magazines, may assist us in setting up to masturbate during preparation.


By performing this action, we meet our needs and enhance sexual satisfaction with the help of objects of pleasure like sex toys or our own fingers.


Roanyer penis play 




This means that we enjoy unusual sex styles like missionary, doggy, cowgirl, wheelbarrow, legs in the air, and spooning, in order to add some excitement to our pleasure during intercourse.


The sex life could include some role plays, oral intercourse, BDSM, sex toys, and many other things that are our fetishes or kinks.




We can also use other techniques and practices instead of penetration which can be as effective as having sex for improving our sexual relationship.


Foreplay, intimate touch, and erogenous zones will increase sex experience higher and deeper intimacy.




Roanyer penis play 


Penis play and penis size as a crossdressers have a significant impact on us.


Nevertheless, others argue that the size is insignificant because we may think about other love-making techniques and intimacy as a way to spice up our sex life.


For example, there are those of us who feel contented with the small or medium sizes of our penises and others that love medium or huge penis.


Mind acceptance, talking openly about that aspect, and having a reasonable opinion about oneself helps us accept our penis sizes and uniqueness.


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