Crossdressing Hacks to Show off Your Best Female Features


I know how challenging crossdressing gets, especially with our broader and masculine bodies.


We may always spend a long time finding outfits that suit our body types while also ensuring that we look attractive and feminine.


Crossdressing Hacks to Show off Your Best Female Features


Even when our bodies are different from women’s, we can still show off some of our features when we know how to flaunt them!


With the years of my crossdressing experience, let me share ideas on how you can show off your body features.


Such tips include showing off your chest, hips, and more!



1. Flaunting Your Chest


Crossdressing Hacks to Show off Your Best Female Features


Generally, women have bigger breasts. However, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off your chest, is there?


To help you flaunt them confidently, I have shared some of the best tricks I tried below.


● Wearing Clothes with Deep Necklines


To show off your beautiful breasts, especially after choosing suitable breast forms, I suggest wearing tops with deep V-shaped necklines.


They’re flattering and will make you look sexier with an added hint of sophistication.




Your next question will probably be how deep the neckline should be.


There’s no right or wrong answer, but I suggest showing off at least 20 to 40 percent of your boobies.


Doing this can certainly increase your hotness and sex appeal, which I believe is a common desire among crossdressers.


Crossdressing Hacks to Show off Your Best Female Features


One of the problems I encounter with deep necklines is how bare I look, especially on the neck part.


The stylists I have worked with suggest wearing classy long necklaces that will complement the color of your top.


Aside from ensuring that you don’t look bare in front, wearing necklaces can certainly make you look more stylish, too!


● Framing Your Breast Shape


Aside from wearing tops with deep necklines, tops that frame your breasts are also a good option for showing off your boobies.


These can either be tops with ruffles or bows on the chest area (my ultimate favorite) or tops that trim your bustline.


They will definitely outline the shape of your breasts, making them more defined to stand out.




I totally love tops with ruffles or bows in front because they totally make my breasts look more flattering and bigger!


Additionally, these tops are very stylish, which I love to mix and match during my crossdressing sessions!


● Applying Shimmer Powder for that glow


If you’re still unsatisfied with how your breasts look after wearing ruffled tops or those with deep necklines, let me share an easy hack: applying shimmer powder.


Doing this simple trick will make your breasts pop, allowing them to look bigger and rounder!


Shimmer powder highlights your boobies like your favorite eyeshadow highlights and enhances your total eye look.




However, you have to remember not to use anything too shiny, or you’ll end up looking like a walking disco ball!


Choose highlighting products or powders that will give you a subtle but sophisticated glow, perfect for any crossdressing session.


Well, if you have a party night out, adding another layer of highlighter for that extra glow can also elevate your entire formal look!


Crossdressing Hacks to Show off Your Best Female Features


● Wearing Breastforms


I know I have mentioned this before, but I still consider wearing breast forms the easiest solution to make our upper bodies look closest to how women look.


There are a variety of breast forms, depending on how large or what cup size you desire.


Simply choose one, wear it, and you’re good to go!




However, don’t forget to cover the edges of your breast forms by wearing chokers or neck straps.


Doing this will certainly make the breast forms look more natural on you; it’s as if you’re not wearing any at all!


2. Showing Off Your Hips


Show off Your Best Female Features


Our hips will generally appear narrower with less perky butts, but with the help of the tips below, you’ll be surprised at how your hips will look good when you show them off!


● Choosing Ruching Bottoms


When choosing the best style for your hips and butt, go with ruching dresses or skirts!


If you’re unaware of what ruching is, the cloth gathers along the seamline, creating a more crumpled look to emphasize your bum.


I love wearing fitted skirts or bodycon dresses that ruches along my butt to make it appear perkier and bigger.


Show off Your Best Female Features


● Lifting Your Butt with Jeans


Even jeans can make your bum pop, too! This tip is something I recently learned after working with a famous stylist.


I learned all about what yokes are in jeans and how important they are in changing the entire appearance of my booty.




Below the waistband of your jeans and even your skirts is a piece of fabric called a yoke.


Different bottoms have different yoke shapes, such as sweetheart, inverted arc, straight, wide yoke, v-shaped, and yokeless with seamed pockets.




According to my stylist, the most flattering yoke shapes to your bum are either sweetheart or v-shaped ones.


These shapes create an illusion of a bigger and rounder butt, making your lower body appear more girly!


Sweetheart yokes can also make your waist appear smaller and make your hips appear curvier and sexier – the ultimate hourglass shape!


● Using the Right Underwear


People may not see it, but the right underwear or gaff can also dictate what your butt looks like!


When wearing underwear, don’t forget to tuck your private part properly so it won’t be noticeable during crossdressing!




I know it can be uncomfortable when you’re not used to it, but you should try wearing thongs or cheeky panties instead of your regular boxers.


These kinds of underwear are great at making your butt look bigger and rounder.


Show off Your Best Female Features


● Trust the Magic of Body Shapers


Aside from wearing outfits that will change the shape of your manly body, my favorite trick is wearing hip pads and girdles.


Hip pads make your hips curvier like women’s and make your waist appear more singed!




You can also try wearing girdles that will tighten your waist to bring out the shape of your hips.


Aside from hip pads and girdles, there are also butt lifters to make your booties appear rounder, firmer, and perkier – just like how women’s bums look like!


3. Display Your Long Legs


Show off Your Best Female Features


With our more muscular and bigger legs than women’s, it’s natural that we want to hide them by wearing jeans.


However, just do a little shaving or waxing, and you can still show them off during crossdressing!


● Wearing Skirts with the Appropriate Length


Show off Your Best Female Features


Not all skirts will suit all legs, so you must know which length is best.


However, a flattering skirt length is 1 to 2 inches below or above your knees.


If you’re still unsure which fits you best, learn to experiment!




Knowing which skirt length is right for your legs is simple. Follow this step-by-step guide:


Show off Your Best Female Features


  • Step 1: Get a mirror, stand in front of it, and wear your go-to shoes when wearing skirts.


  • Step 2: Get whatever fabric you have and test out its length by raising and lowering its hemline on your legs.


  • Step 3: Carefully decide which length will make your legs appear the sexiest.


● Using pantyhose


When you’ve got long and slender but hairy legs (don’t worry, having hairy legs is normal with us men), it’s normal to feel shy to wear skirts or dresses that will show them.


Here comes pantyhose to the rescue! Wearing pantyhose is a simple but great way to hide all your legs’ imperfections, making them look more polished and defined.


Show off Your Best Female Features


I know there are different kinds of pantyhose, so let me guide you through choosing the best one.


If you want to look sexy and modern, I suggest choosing the sheerest pantyhose available.


It’s thin and almost see-through, so people will still see a little bit of your leg skin.




If it’s on one of those days when you’re too lazy or lack time to shave your legs, there are thicker pantyhose available.


I can guarantee that even thick pantyhoses can still make you look feminine and fab.


● Trying Out High Heels


Show off Your Best Female Features


Yes, I know it can be a struggle since our feet are wider and bigger than women’s, but heels can certainly give our legs more hint of femininity!


Just train a few times, and you’ll get used to wearing them!




If you’re trying out different heel kinds, I recommend the D’Orsay.


It’s a unique shoe style with cut-away sides, revealing the arch of your feet.


The D’Orsay is an elegant style that will help show off your legs’ beautiful shape.


4. Expose Your Feet


Show off Your Best Female Features


Our feet are bigger and may appear flatter than women’s, but if you believe they’re your best features, you can always show them off during crossdressing and follow my helpful tips to improve how they look below!


● Wearing Open-Toed Shoes


Show off Your Best Female Features


Open-toed shoes can look good with any crossdressing outfit!


To make your feet look less masculine, a pro tip: wear nail polish! Having colors on your toenails will make your entire feet look more girly and appealing.




When choosing the right open-toed shoes, you must choose the right size, one where all your toes will fit right in.


A well-fitted pair of open-toed shoes should not let your toes hang off in front and your feet spill over the back and sides of the sole.


The right pair should also not be too loose, letting your feet move too much.


● Wearing an Anklet


Show off Your Best Female Features


Like wearing bracelets to make you look more chic during crossdressing, anklets can also help flaunt your feet!


If you love wearing crossdressing outfits that give off bohemian vibes, elevate your style with simple but stylish anklets.




I know it can be awkward at first since men like us are not used to wearing anklets, but you’ll thank me later when you start wearing one to improve your overall crossdressing look!


Parade Your Features and Look Your Best!


We must learn to embrace and love our imperfections.


I love flaunting my long legs by wearing sheer pantyhose.


I also love enhancing the look of my hips by wearing hip pads to give them a curvy accent, making me look sexier when I crossdress!




How about you? What’s your best feature, and how do you flaunt it? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. One of my best features is my legs. Thigh highs in nude or black accent them and 4 or 5 inch heels. i wear mid length dresses or even formal length with a long slit but while seated and crossing my legs in a very ladylike manner my legs are exposed up to the thigh. Nice calves from walking on my toes and wearing high heels. My legs are quite long and well shaped. Not too muscular and definitely not fat. I wish i could get away with shaving them to really make them smooth. Maybe some day….

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