Suiting Up- Tips for getting the perfect enhanced body fit for crossdressers


Crossdressers, beginners, and experts, all long to have the best female body they can portray, and therefore comes the question, how could one make the best fit for crossdressing?


Well, here we have some tips talking about all the aspects of crossdressing, from clothing to makeup, and body shaping with forms and padding!



Find your accurate size!


One of the best parts of making sure that your clothes are made for a body fit for crossdressers, is knowing your exact size.


Men and women have different measurements for clothing, and one thing that is knowing each and every unique measurement of your body.


The best things to measure are the circumference of your chest, waist, hips, thighs, arms, and the length of your sleeves and your inseam (the area from around your crotch down to your ankles.)




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Converting Male to Female Sizes


Clothing manufacturers create specific differences between sizes for clothing, and shoes.


For example, pants have a waist length difference of 21 inches between men and women.


Subtracting 21 from your man’s pants’ size will help find the perfect fit for women’s pants.


Additionally, knowing your bust, waist, and hip lengths are important as well, considering how you want your clothing to fit and cling to your body.


perfect body fit for crossdressers


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Curve Enhancement: Greater Comfort = Longer Wear Times


One of the biggest assets that crossdressers use are enhancements for one’s bust, and for one’s posterior regions.


These unique enhancements, when utilized correctly, provide the oomph desired for the body fit for crossdressers.


They come in a range of sizes, and there are similar forms for hips, and your butt!


One thing that is important when dealing with these is trying to make them comfortable, being what exactly gives crossdressers their assets, and therefore, it’s important to have comfort, and crossdressers have plenty of choices!


From forms that you can slip into your bra, to plates that you can wear like clothing, to a whole body suit to transform your body, there’s a variety of tools to use, and therefore, it’s comfort that comes into question.



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Suits, Plates, or Forms?


Now, one question that can be asked is, what about body suits?


Or breast plates? What is the best option for you?


One thing to consider about body fit, is while they can create the perfect feminine body shape for crossdressers, the silicone makes wearing the outfit hot, and uncomfortable without the proper preparations.


Now, between forms and plates, forms explicitly require clothing, and a bra to keep them on for long periods of time, while plates can be worn without a bra, are typically made to fit your body shape, and while they are also like bodysuits with heat issues, they are easy to modify to fit you, something that is harder for suits and forms.


Best Forms and Suits Available


Looking for the proper materials available can be rather hard, considering how most places often don’t seem to benefit the consumer.


However, Royaner provides body suits, breast forms and breast plates, from sizes such as C-cups, all the way to G-cups, and even S and Z-cups!


Lingerie and Padding


If monetary issues are a concern for you, you can create a similar, and admittedly much easier DIY option by padding!


Using clothes, socks, and other soft materials, you can create a similar curvaceous effect desired by beginners looking for the body fit for crossdressers!


The only requirement for this, is to have lingerie, which can vary from a simple bra and panties to a whole sexy outfit for teasing your partner.


Lingerie can vary, and are able to fit any shape or form your body may take.




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Cup Sizes + Band Width Help


Trying to find the right size of lingerie is comparatively simpler towards other aspects of clothing, but one of the biggest things needed is trying to find the perfect bra size!


Knowing both your band, and cup size are important, especially for new crossdressers.


If you desire a certain cup-size, but the band number is too small, remember that there is a system of sister sizes, or bras that fit the same breast size, framed at different band lengths.


Using the image below, you may be able to get the same effect of a 40 DD-cup, at a 42 D-Cup, or even a 44 C-cup!


It’s an art but understanding this can help you find the perfect bra to frame your beautiful body!


perfect body fit for crossdressers


Image: [Shopify]


Heels, Shoes, and Boots!


Finishing up the discussion about your outfit, is often the most important parts for girls, the shoes! With so many shoes to find your pretty little feet enclosed in, how can a crossdresser choose?


There are high, high heels that can make you taller, boots that can be used for some lewd foreplay, and then there’s just the cute, yet sporty shoes that can go with just about any outfit!


Shoes are just as important as any other part of the outfit!



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Where to find the best shoes?


One important thing to remember about shoes best fit for crossdressers is knowing that you are going to likely be needing places that sell women’s shoes of high sizes, often up to women’s 15 or higher!


Long Tall Sally is one specifically made for women who happen to have larger shoe sizes and can find crossdresser clientele for the same reason.


Places like Pleaser Shoes, and  FSJ Shoes can do the same as well!



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Shoe Size Conversions!


Depending on where you live, there are certain differences in shoe size, in most countries like, the UK, Australia, Canada, and the US, shoe sizes have a consistent difference of 1.5-2 sizes up for women.


So, for example 11 for Women is 9, or 9.5 for men!


This means that most men on average can go as high as 14-14.5, with 15, and even 16 being high outliers.




Image: [GlamourBoutique]


Hair Perfection


An often overlooked aspect about the appearance of crossdressing is how to style one’s hair!


A well-fitting hairdo can enhance the feminine look while hiding some of the more subtle masculine looks.


Whether or not is your own hair that you style differently, or synthetic hair to enhance that female look, knowing your hair is one of the best tips for the best fit for a crossdresser!



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Synthetic Hair Care: Take it Seriously


For people who decide to go for wigs, and synthetic hair, there is importance placed in making sure you take the greatest step for care for your new weave.


Whether it’s making sure you use the proper shampoo and conditioner, or needing to know how to wash it, keeping the best care for your synthetic hair is what separates a weave that looks fully natural, and one that falls apart in a year.




Image: [My Crossdresser Shop]


body fit


Image: [Roanyer]


Finish That Look With Glam!


Now that you’re all set up with your outfit, your curves, your shoes, your hair, now there’s just one last skill needed to make the best look for crossdressing.


Makeup isn’t just a skill that allows for your true beauty to shine, it can also make your outfit look even more better, and ensure that wandering eyes know that you’re a dame to remember.


Having good skin care routines can enhance this even better, and remember, natural and nude tones are your best friends.



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Use Nude Makeup To Enhance Your Curves~!


Sometimes an outfit just needs an extra bit of oomph to complete the look.


One way that you can do it is, to use a little bit of makeup to enhance your cleavage.


This gives the illusion of having larger, luscious breasts.


A cost-effective is the best choice for crossdressers.


To achieve the best fit for crossdressers, enhance the shadow by using nude tones against the curve lines.


This adds another layer to perfect the look.



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Summing it all up!


Choose clothes that fit your body well, and perfectly. Enhance your curves through silicone enhancements, or a total body transformation with a suit or plate!


Or use lingerie paired with clever use of spare clothes to give a casual illusion of plumpness.


Picking shoes that are good to strut, and fit the outfit’s vibes, and picking hair that enhances your look, and the vibe you want add on as well.


Lastly, use makeup as your enhancement filter.


Use it to make you stand out, or… to make your curves stand out!


In the end, all of these tips are for you to decide. But, rest assured, you will glow in your crossdressing ventures!


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