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Heat waves and dry weather: Tips for European Cross-dressers this summer

Dry weather and heatwaves struck Europe during this month. Summer got there with all its force, causing desperation for some of our cross-dressing sisters. That’s because higher temperatures make it harder for us to dress up. In some cases, it might even be a risk to our health. Because of that, to keep doing it, we must adapt our cross-dressing routine to the circumstances.


Tips for European Cross-Dressers This Summer


You can start by changing your schedule and priorities and adapting your techniques to make them more suitable for the weather. Based on my experience as a cross-dresser living in a hot country, I’ll try to give you some guidance. If you’re interested in that, keep reading, as these tips shall be helpful.



1. Rethink your schedule


Tips for European Cross-Dressers This Summer


Some of our sisters have a relatively rigid cross-dressing schedule and dress up at specific times of the day. It depends on the person’s routine and how much free time they have. But chances are that some of them usually cross-dress during the day. That’s especially true if they like to go out, as daytime is generally safer for cross-dressers. The problem is that during heat waves, such as the ongoing one in Europe, daytime cross-dressing can be unbearable. We sweat a lot, which can ruin our makeup and make shapewear more challenging to endure. Besides that, certain outfits with more coverage become impractical to wear, so we lose some of their advantages. We struggle to maintain our feminine features with all those difficulties added.


Tips for European Cross-Dressers This Summer


With that in mind, what I recommend you to do, is rethink your schedule. Instead of dressing up during the day, when the temperatures are high, wait until evening. Or better yet, go out at night with a group of friends. It’s still not as safe, but many other people might be making the same decision. As a result, the streets are less desert at night. So if you want to go out, do so on a Saturday night with friends! Go to the mall and shop for clothes with them when temperatures are lower. However, depending on where you live, you might want to check the next topic.


2. Avoid going out


Tips for European Cross-Dressers This Summer


In some cases, you might not feel safe at all going out at night. This situation is common in smaller cities, even in the ones located in Europe. However, it’s still too hot outside to cross-dress in daylight. If that’s the case, stay at home. Most people nowadays have access to air conditioning units and might be able to dress up at home during the day. The problem is that they tend to be located in a specific part of your house, limiting your cross-dressing experience during such a session. Besides that, it’s still possible that you don’t own an air conditioner or any other means to cool down the room temperature in your house. If that’s the case, do so at night, as your house might still be a safe place. Not only safe from physical and psychological harm but safe from the heat, at least at night. Make sure you leave some windows open and turn on as many fans as possible. A night airflow is an essential tool, as it helps to cool down the environment around you.


Tips for European Cross-Dressers This Summer


Many cross-dressers still live with their parents or family and haven’t come out yet. We need to consider alternatives, as they are unlikely to be able to cross-dress at home. The obvious choice would be to come out, but not everyone sees this as a viable option. That’s because they fear prejudice and discrimination, two things that can pretty much happen to any cross-dresser. If that’s your case, the best alternative would be to go out with friends at night, when temperatures are lower, or to dress up at their houses. If you still can’t do that, use your time to research new techniques and learn new skills, as I’ll discuss in another topic later.


3. Adapt your techniques


Tips for European Cross-Dressers This Summer


Another thing that might be pretty helpful is to adapt your techniques accordingly. Some aggressive feminizing methods, such as tight shapewear, can make things more difficult. Your body is already trying to deal with the heat, and you don’t want it fighting back your feminization process. Give preference to light shapewear and outfits that compress and cover just enough of your body. Try a more natural cleavage, as it’s an excellent opportunity to add some more ventilation to your look. Use breast forms if you don’t think that’s possible, even with push-ups and makeup. A good choice would be the “cool version” of roanyer breastplates. They have an opening on the back that increases airflow and reduces the suffering from the heat. This way, you can enjoy realistic silicone shapewear even in hot weather.


Besides that, you should also adapt your makeup skills. As discussed earlier, the heat will cause you to sweat, which might end up ruining your makeup. Instead of using oil-based products that can be washed away with sweat, try a gel-based foundation. Some also have moisturizing properties, which is a plus in this dry weather. Besides that, keep your skincare routine as usual, and avoid exaggerated makeup, unless you’re a drag queen.


4. Stay hydrated


Tips for European Cross-Dressers This Summer


If the weather is hot and dry, drink water! It’s essential to help us endure physical effort, but sweating makes you lose much of it. You must compensate by drinking more water, preferably cold, to balance your body temperature. If you don’t, you’ll quickly get tired, bringing your cross-dressing session to an early end. It’s not a good thing at all. Besides that, losing water causes your skin to become oily and rough, the opposite of the smooth skin society expects from women. In other words, you become less passable, and cross-dressing tends to be more challenging. Considering that, drinking more water is already recommended for cross-dressers under normal circumstances. But it becomes an essential practice in adverse situations such as this heatwave. Another thing to add is that moisturizing creams may also help you, as it prevents your skin from drying out.


5. Use your time to prepare yourself


Tips for European Cross-Dressers This Summer


Even after all these tips, some of you might still feel overwhelmed by the heatwave. Many of our sisters are unused to that, as this situation is abnormal. If you think that cross-dressing during this season is too much to bear, that’s comprehensible. You don’t have to push yourself out of your boundaries. Use this time to practice simple things and perfect your skills. Instead of properly cross-dressing, get ready for when more opportunities appear. Train things that require less effort, such as your voice, mannerisms, and body language. Study women around you if possible, and learn new skills. It won’t be too long until the weather changes, allowing you to cross-dress a put all of that into practice!


Heatwaves are a huge problem caused by man-made environmental changes. It affects many aspects of our lives, including our cross-dressing experience. I hope things will change, but until then, we must adapt and overcome these obstacles to be ourselves. Rethink your cross-dressing routine, including your skills, and choose the most appropriate ones. I hope our sisters in Europe and any other place that is adverse for cross-dressers at the moment can endure the situation. I would also love to hear what you have to say, so leave a comment or a suggestion!




Which aspect of cross-dressing do heatwaves affect the most?


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