Who is Bobrisky? Everything About the Nigerian Crossdresser



Who is Bobrisky - Everything About the Nigerian Crossdresser


Many LGBTQ+ circles have thrown the name “Bobrisky” around. But do you have any idea who this person really is?

I’m here to give you the full scoop of this splendid crossdresser.

This Nigerian influencer has made major waves.

Learn how she did such a feat with unapologetic gender-bending fashion and lifestyle!

You’ll be surprised by how much there is to learn about this controversial figure who constantly defies expectations.



The Rise of Bobrisky


Who is Bobrisky - Everything About the Nigerian Crossdresser 


Born Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, Bobrisky found success in social media.

She came from a polygamous household. Her Muslim father had three wives, making Bobrisky the youngest of ten siblings.

Bobrisky is primarily active on Instagram and Snapchat.

In 2021, the “bobrisky” dance went viral in TikTok, furthering her online traction.


Bobrisky’s official accounts and follower count:


  • Snapchat (bobrisky222) with 1.1 million followers
  • Instagram (bobrisky222) with 4.9 million followers
  • Facebook (bobriskyblog) with 2.9 million followers


The “Bobrisky” Name


Who is Bobrisky - Everything About the Nigerian Crossdresser


Bobrisky immortalized her transition journey online. Her candor made her one of the leading stars in the community.

In one post, she shared how she chose her new name:

“Ever since I started transitioning into a woman I gave myself this name BOBRISKY

because I took a lot of risks going under several knives to be a woman today.”


Breaking Boundaries on Social Media


Who is Bobrisky - Everything About the Nigerian Crossdresser 


On social media, Bobrisky openly talks about common topics linked to the LGBTQ+ community.

So, what makes her so striking? Nigeria, her birthplace and current address, isn’t queer-friendly.

Her confidence in posting content highlighting what it’s like to be part of the LGBTQ+ community is astounding.


Despite being in a country where same-sex relationships are illegal, Bobrisky’s platform grew.

She enjoyed endorsement deals, appeared on talk shows, and was a part of a Netflix documentary (Skin by Beverly Naya).


Crossdresser and Entrepreneur


Who is Bobrisky - Everything About the Nigerian Crossdresser 


As an experienced crossdresser, Bobrisky has tried many beauty products.

The knowledge she compiled through the years led to the creation of her own cosmetic line.

Some of her products include skin-lightening items, human hair weaves, and more.


Her cosmetics business, along with her brand promos and commercials as an online influencer, put her at an estimated net worth of $1.6 million.

This is a conservative figure as other sources say she has at most $4 million in her bank accounts.


Bobrisky’s Impact on Pop Culture


The self-proclaimed Nigerian Barbie doll isn’t just a beauty guru and internet personality.

Bobrisky is also a fashion model and activist for queer communities.


Who is Bobrisky - Everything About the Nigerian Crossdresser 


Challenging Societal Norms


As an MTF crossdresser, Bobrisky directly challenges Nigeria’s conservative values.

Additionally, she’s also the first transgender woman to stay in the country.


What I’m most thankful for is Bobrisky’s honesty about her transformation.

In an era where “perfect” online personalities fight for attention, honesty isn’t common.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing some hip or butt padding to be curvier.

No shame in wearing wigs or extensions either.

Yet many influencers still deny using body enhancements or having undergone procedures despite obvious changes.

In contrast, Bobrisky shares them all.


She has no qualms about reminiscing her past identity, sharing pre-transition pics.

Bobrisky’s also frank about bleaching her skin and taking advantage of surgeries like liposuctions, BBLs, and breast augmentations.

She’s even vocal about her sex life, promoting sex positivity.

This genuineness is crucial as young minds tend to assume everything they see online is “natural.”

Honest influencers are important to shield the youth from developing illnesses like anxiety and body dysmorphia.


An Unlikely Style Icon


Who is Bobrisky - Everything About the Nigerian Crossdresser 


Even before her transition, Bobrisky already had a fanbase thanks to her makeup and fashion skills.

As a Nigerian man (now transwoman), she was unlikely to be a beauty influencer.

But Bobrisky proved everyone wrong.


She’s no ordinary style icon either. Bobrisky is fond of flaunting luxurious styles, including traditional Nigerian outfits for women.

Brands have taken notice — some even made her their brand ambassador.


Pushing Pop Culture Forward


Bobrisky left a mark on Nigerian pop culture by pushing boundaries and promoting self-expression.

Her call for inclusiveness and liberty resonates with her huge youth following.

While still controversial, Bobrisky has come to symbolize freedom and non-conformity.


Speaking of controversies…


Who is Bobrisky - Everything About the Nigerian Crossdresser 


Bobrisky’s Controversies


Of course, with fame comes scrutiny. Bobrisky has faced her fair share of criticism and storms over the years.

Love her or hate her, Bobrisky has become an influential figure in Nigeria and dare I say, the world.


Still, her online popularity doesn’t deter Nigeria’s more conservative and outspoken citizens.

Bobrisky has suffered their moral policing and social discrimination.

Yet, she continued to commit to her authentic way of living and refused to back down.


Bobrisky had been involved in many disputes. Some with other public figures.

But the most unforgettable controversies are:


Bobrisky’s Trans Announcement


Who is Bobrisky - Everything About the Nigerian Crossdresser


In 2017, Bobrisky announced her gender via her social media.

Her caption reads: “I no longer have a manhood…” Shortly after, Lagos State police arrested her.

Her influential friends bailed her out. Later, Bobrisky claimed her transgender announcement had nothing to do with her arrest.


28th Botched Birthday Celebration


On August 31, 2020, Bobrisky held a $335,000 birthday party.

Despite the weeks-long preparations she labored, 50 Lagos State Police raided her home.

Neighbors complained about the loud noise. The charges filed were for disrupting public peace and indecency.


Niara Mutilation Case


Recently, Bobrisky was charged with naira (Nigerian currency) abuse.

At a social gathering, she sprayed the money and authorities considered it naira mutilation.


On April 12, 2024, Bobrisky received a half-year sentence and will be treated as a normal inmate.

Meaning, she’ll be staying in the men’s prison quarters.

Though Bobrisky did say she was a man when prompted by the judge, the ruling still caused havoc in related communities.


Many call it a targeted case, saying Bobrisky was forced to be a scapegoat.

They also question the sentence as no fine was offered.

Others argue that although naira mutilation is a criminal offense, it’s a common cultural practice.


Who is Bobrisky - Everything About the Nigerian Crossdresser


Bobrisky’s Influence on Fashion and Beauty


How does Bobrisky differ among the many influencers out there?

Let’s not gloss over what initially put Bobrisky in the limelight.


Makeup Styles


Bobrisky’s makeup style can be described in one word: dramatic.

She likes heavy contour, bold eyebrows, and dramatic eyeshadows.

Though Nigerian beauty standards are already very high, Bobrisky’s makeup style meshes excellently with traditional Nigerian clothing,

such as the country’s headdresses and jewels.


Who is Bobrisky - Everything About the Nigerian Crossdresser




Many follow Bobrisky and wait for her next photo op. Her fashion choices are bold and unique.

Each picture will surely inspire anyone to overstep the boundaries of traditional gender expressions.

She wears a balanced blend of feminine, glam outfits that aren’t easy to copy.

Her posts encourage her followers to recreate her fits and also make it their own.


Beauty Standards


Bobrisky is a living, breathing antithesis to Nigeria’s conformist traditions.

Notably, in dialogues about gender, beauty, and fashion expectations.

Her social media following and brand collaborations brought these issues to mainstream attention,

shining a light on those who don’t fit into binary roles.


Roanyer crossdressing 


Bobrisky and the Crossdressing Community


Bobrisky started her career as an effeminate gay man who crossdresses in traditionally feminine clothing.

Today, she identifies as bisexual and a transwoman, preferring the pronouns she/her.

Through her, many conversations started in Nigeria about crossdressing and non-binary gender identities.


Challenging Gender Norms


The influencer was born as a man but grew to like typical feminine activities such as cooking and cleaning.

Bobrisky already displayed feminine mannerisms then.

Eventually, she explored more of her feminine side and crossdressed in college.

After finding success online, she funded her MTF transition journey.


Her focus on unmasking her real identity led her through her self-examination.

Imagine if Bobrisky never challenged the gender norms she grew up believing in.

Would she have ever met her authentic self?


Roanyer crossdressing 


Impact on the Crossdressing Community


Bobrisky’s story and eventual fame brought the crossdressing community in Nigeria forward.

The visibility she offered, while both positive and negative, still increased attention on the LGBTQ+ crowd.

How do we know she has this effect? Just look at the number of people who visit her pages.

This shows the widespread interest in debates over old and new gender categories.


Not all are in awe of the Nigerian crossdresser.

Some critics argue that Bobrisky exploits the crossdressing community for fame and money.

Meanwhile, her supporters focus on her contributions to non-binary acceptance and queer rights.


What do I say about this?

Whether she intends to or not, even if she had other intentions, Bobrisky still raised awareness of the discrimination faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

She sparked important conversations about gender, sexuality, and human rights.


Self-Expression and Crossdressing


Roanyer crossdressinig 


As a young child, Bobrisky’s parents (stepmom and father) punished her for crossdressing.

By 16, she had to financially support the family. With such responsibility, who wouldn’t feel confined?


So Bobrisky used crossdressing to feel free. To explore how to better express herself outside the conventional.

She didn’t know it at first. But her crossdressing was a stepping stone to her ultimate destination: being a transwoman.


Bobrisky is just one story though.

Even with the changes she ushered in, there’s still rampant prejudice against crossdressers and the LGBTQ+ community.

In fact, Bobrisky herself, even after the success she found, still receives threats and criticism.


Bobrisky’s life highlights the challenges faced by those who express themselves in unconventional ways.

But it also shows that attitudes are changing, even if they’re at a slower-than-tortoise pace.






Bobrisky — such a fascinating individual, isn’t she?

I believe she’ll hold the title of Nigeria’s most famous and controversial crossdresser for a long while.

Though her story is full of ups and downs, it’s still one crossdressers and transwomen alike relate to.


Bobrisky’s tale of self-discovery, advocacy, and perseverance continues.

While she can’t outrun backlash, she pursues living her truth.

Her popularity underscores that progress, even taken in small steps, is still progress.

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