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MTF Crossdressing and Transgender Events in Europe

The crossdressing community is growing daily, and so are the events targeted at us. We can see that there is still more to be done because while some nations have numerous destinations specially dedicated to our incredible community, others do not.


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe


If you’re looking for a vacation destination that offers never-ending fun and excitement, then Europe is the right place for you! Europe is home to some incredible transgender and MTF events. There is something for everyone on the continent, from massive conferences to small-scale get-togethers. 


Here is a list of some of the top transgender events in Europe, whether you’re looking to plan your next trip or are just interested in what’s available.


Transgender Day of Remembrance


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe


The beliefs, notions, and prejudices around male and female identity have long been contested by transgender people, who have endured various sorts of violence and even death. November 20th is designated as a Transgender Day of Remembrance every year.


This day is meant to respect people who endure stigma and discrimination regularly worldwide. This holiday aims to promote our acceptance as transgender persons, raise awareness of the ongoing problems we experience daily, and highlight ways that others can show us support, love, and hope.


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe


Rita Hester’s murder on November 28, 1998, inspired the creation of the “Remembering Our Dead” website and a vigil in San Francisco the following year. Rita Hester is commemorated on November 15 as part of Transgender Day of Remembrance.


The occasion offers a platform for all transgender communities and our allies to spread awareness about the threat of violence faced by those who identify as gender nonconforming and the pervasive prejudice felt by our transgender community.


Communities organize a variety of events and activities, such as teach-ins in the style of town hall meetings, exhibits of photography and poetry, and candlelight vigils. These actions make anti-transgender violence visible to crucial players, including the police, the media, and elected authorities.


European Countries That Embrace MTF Crossdressing and Transgender


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe


Should I make reservations for a transgender MTF event in 2022? The response is a definite yes. For transgender and non-binary people everywhere, the MTF events held across Europe are an enormously vital resource and learning opportunity.


If we don’t support and participate in these events, we risk losing the bond within our incredible community. Read about MTF event attendees’ past experiences if you’re unsure whether or not a transgender conference is right for you.


And what better way to relax and enjoy the holidays than to crossdress while doing so? Here are some of the world’s top travel spots in Europe with unique MTF events and activities for crossdressers:


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe




Portugal is a great place to go if you want a vacation away from the usual locations because it is one of the most liberal nations in Europe. It has welcomed many revolutionary brains of the new generation thanks to its original and uncommon economic theory.


Every municipality in the nation benefits from the cozy atmosphere this fosters. Even though they often seem to keep to themselves, older people are eager to provide a hand if you need it.


Regarding crossdressing, large towns with vibrant atmospheres like Lisboa or the stunning beaches in the southern province of Algarve are excellent places to go if you want to spend more of your holiday in a feminine mode.


Portugal is currently among the most affordable EU nations to travel to. Don’t forget to visit the northern city of Oporto if you’re a wine enthusiast!




Ibiza shows up as a synonym for the term “wild” when we look it up in the dictionary. If we wish to explore more of our feminine side, Spain is a fantastic holiday location because of its incredibly tasteful culture. One of the craziest nightlife scenes in Europe can be found on the island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea.


It goes without saying that crossdressing is more than commonplace here, and you’ll feel quite at ease wearing high heels while navigating the city’s streets! But Ibiza isn’t the only thing in Spain! Another excellent and welcoming place you must visit is Barcelona.


You can enhance your holiday enjoyment by taking advantage of the numerous crossdressing services and MTF events available in major cities!




Malta is one of the most progressive MTF countries in the world and was the first country in the European Union to ban conversion therapy. It is one of only five nations to make queer rights equal at the constitutional level.


On getting there, a homosexual tour guide will lead you through the narrow medieval streets of Rabat and Valletta, pointing to the important pubs and eateries and the nightclub Michelangelo in vibrant Paceville.


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe




Amsterdam, like most cities in the Netherlands, is remarkably welcoming. The city is a must-see and safe destination for us as transgender people when you consider its tolerant character and the numerous transgender-friendly excursions and events that are often held nearby. Make sure you attend Amsterdam Pride if you’re going to be there throughout the summer.




Even though Ireland only permitted same-sex marriage in 2015, Dublin has long been accommodating of diverse lifestyles, including those of us who identify as transgender. If you prefer theater, you’ll appreciate the city’s annual International Transgender Theatre Festival, which showcases some of the best crossdressing films ever made.




Go to Mykonos, Greece, to enjoy the sunlight and breathtaking vistas in a welcoming and secure environment. A visit to the island during their Festival will enable members of our fantastic transgender community to interact with one another in a welcoming environment, especially if you’re hoping to meet other people.


What To Expect from An MTF Event


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe


During MTF Events, there is a nonstop calendar of social activities and many educational opportunities from the minute you arrive. Additionally, there are screenings, open mic nights, networking activities, and a fantastic vendor selection with something for everyone.


Here are some exciting shows from previous MTF events:


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe


Fashion Shows


Cocktails precede the famous fashion shows on Friday night. Transgender and non-binary models featured in the 2020 transFormed fashion show, which served as a visual celebration of the trans community and identity.




Saturday night banquets are often regarded as the event’s high point by attendees. You will have a wonderful time dining at large tables with both old and new acquaintances while wearing your favorite gown and accessories.


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe




Workshop schedules are renowned for being among the most comprehensive as regards all national events. Throughout the week, there will be a fantastic selection of learning opportunities available, not just for guests who identify as transgender but also for those who care about and support us. Sessions on topics ranging from “Building a safer school for your kid” to “Safe binding, packing, and tucking” will take place.


Break-out Lounge 


There will be many opportunities to meet with people who share your identity because the event is so big and well-attended. There will be community-specific lounges for several communities, including transgender people, non-binary, and trans kids.


Open Mic


What better way to unwind and celebrate after the Saturday luncheon than to enjoy the open mic performances by singers or songwriters and the skills of many event attendees? Everyone who performs is welcome! You don’t have to be a musician to tell a narrative or perform poetry. You will be allowed to perform on the stage.


How To Prepare for An MTF Event


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe


An excellent way to develop our connections and widen our audience as a crossdresser is to participate in, exhibit at, and present at MTF events. Your next MTF event should be planned and prepared for, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Your moment to enjoy yourself as a transgender has arrived! Instead of wasting it, avoid being unprepared and overburdened.


Here are a few things you should do when preparing for an MTF Event:


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe


Decide on where to go.


Prepare your paperwork.


Get your passport.


Research and plan your luggage.


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe


Get your important medications.


Arrange your travel.


Prepare Your Financial Budget


Are you attending a transgender MTF event this year? Uncertain of how many outfits to bring? Does the idea of fitting in with the clothes you own make you anxious? Do not worry; the following tips will assist you in deciding what to bring and what not to bring so that you will be well-prepared like a good girl scout.


What To Bring to An MTF Event


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe


Luggage: It is advisable for you to bring large, wheeled luggage because the MTF event hotels tend to be somewhat large. Make sure you have a case big enough to pack clothes and perhaps even a gown for the major gala dance flat without causing them to wrinkle.


Alternatively, use a hanger for your dresses so you can travel with them hanging. Then, while you check in and drag your suitcase with one hand, hold your dresses in the other.


Outfits: The number of outfits you should take along depends on how many days you’ll be there, the activities you’ll be participating in, and how many outfits you have. You should take advantage of this flexibility because the event will be the only opportunity to spend more than a day dressed as a woman.


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe


A reasonable rule of thumb for first-timers for a three-day visit would be three casual daytime ensembles, two cocktail dresses, and perhaps a gown for the last night. Once more, there are no rules, and you shouldn’t view it as a contest; instead, just be at ease.


Makeup: If you are applying your makeup, include all the supplies you’ll need, including brushes, tools, foundation, and makeup remover.


Nothing is worse than getting halfway through your makeup and realizing you forgot your favorite lipstick at home. Make sure there are enough and that all of your makeup supplies are in good shape by checking them all before the event. Before you pack, clean all of your brushes and instruments.


What Not to Bring to An MTF Event


MTF Crossdressing And Transgender Events In Europe


If you doubt what not to bring to MTF events, bring too much and overpack. Most girls enjoy having options, so part of the pleasure is arranging your clothes on the hotel bed and deciding what you want to wear that day or night. Make it enjoyable rather than stressful.


If you’re prepared, shop for excellent clothing online from a reputable source or go to your preferred store before the event. Before the event, break in any new shoes or corsets and wear everything to get used to the fit and freedom. When you get there, go shopping with other girls and ask for their advice on what suits you. Above all, have fun.



As transgenders, we have made and continue to make great contributions to society despite the enormous obstacles that come with living in a society that does not accept them reasonably. Finally, spectacular transgender MTF events all around Europe have kick-started. Hopefully, the tips in this piece of writing will help all drag queens be in their best form when returning to the workforce after the extended hiatus. Enjoy!

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