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Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking

Photo taking is an essential part of crossdressing. It is a way to document what is happening in your life and express yourself. Of course, it is natural for a crossdresser to want photos that look feminine and flattering. If you are a male-to-female crossdresser who needs some photo inspiration, then this post is for you!


Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking


There are many male-to-female poses for photo taking, the most common of which is the typical “hands on the hips” pose. But there are other poses such as the back-side angle pose, the standing-against-the-wall pose. Another distinctive pose is lying down with one leg up as if you were presenting a gift to someone.


This article aims to provide a list of poses that will help you look more feminine and flattering in photos, thus producing better results. The best way to get better results from your pictures is to improve your posture in photos. We all know that many poses can improve posture and make you look more feminine.



1. Hands On Hips Pose.


Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking


This pose is very common among males-to-female for photo taking. It consists of placing both hands on the hip, with hands-on-hips like this. You can make the poses with arms wide open using one hand as a prop to support your head in this pose. Also, you can make some other poses with your hands on the hips, one of which is placing your hands flat on your hips. However, the hands are placed on the hips instead of holding them like in the previous pose. Crossdressers have claimed that the hands-on-hips pose makes them look prettier and confident.


2. Both hands over breast/cleavage and lean forward a bit.


The “Cleavage Pose” is a very popular pose among male-to-female crossdressers. If you are a male-to-female crossdresser who needs to look more feminine and stylish, this pose is for you.


Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking


In “Cleavage Pose,” put both your hands over your chest, preferably over your breasts. This pose is best if you are wearing something tight on the upper part of your chest, like a corset or padded bras (chest forms), so there is more room for stretching. In this pose, lean your body forward a little bit so that you can see your cleavage. And, try to make the poses like this with both hands over your breast, or cleavage. If you are wearing a bra or something else on top of your chest, it will be even easier to hold the pose and more comfortable for you.


3. Hold up your chin and smile pose.


The next pose on this list is the “Hold up chin and smile pose.”It can be done with both one hand or two.


Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking


In this pose, hold your chin up while making a big smile like in the picture. This is a more feminine pose for body type. Ensure your lips are pursed and make your smile look natural. This pose can be seductive and makes you look more feminine.


4. Curl your hair behind your ear pose.


Take a photo like this, and you will be more feminine. Ensure that your hair is long enough for the curl to be fully achieved.


Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking


Like the previous pose, this make you look more feminine with your body type. When doing this pose, let your hair flow down in your face. Curl it behind your ear to give a more feminine look. And also, remember to keep looking at the camera while doing this pose. Make sure all sides of your body are visible in the picture as well as the smile on your face, or in other words, avoid any awkward-looking areas such as lower parts of the photo like hands, feet, etc. For male-to-female crossdressers that do not have much hair on their heads, you can still do this pose and make it look more feminine.


5. Turn to the side and cross one leg over pose.


Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking


This pose is similar to the previous one but with your body turned to the side. It may sound simple, but it can be harder than you think. To do this pose, put one leg over and let the other side hang open. Ensure that you are turning your body enough for both legs to be visible in the photo and not just one leg like in this picture, which makes you look more masculine. The more feminine it is, the better effect it will have on your photo. As a male-to-female crossdresser, you should try this pose with your back to the wall so that the camera can capture both legs.


Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking


6. Feet close to each other and relaxed pose.


Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking


To look stunning in photos, try this easy pose. It is amazing how just putting your feet together can make you look more feminine, so give it a shot! In this pose, stand approximately sideways and have your hands by your side. Ensure that you look directly at the camera and not down, as this pose can make you look down. Also, for best results, try to keep your mouth closed and smile.


7. Put one hand on your hip and the other in front of you, palm facing outwards.


In this pose, have one hand on your hip and ensure to open the other hand and put it in front of you, pointing towards, or just palm open to the camera. This is another unique pose that you can try out. This makes you look extremely feminine and pretty by using both hands. For best results, try not to have your posture slouched. To look better for photo taking, try putting a smile on and see how it works for you!


Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking


It is a good pose also for MTF crossdressers who have a little extra weight around their waist. A great advantage of this pose is that it makes you look thinner, as long as you do not slouch.


8. Rest both hands on your thighs while sitting down.


Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking


This pose is about placing both hands on your thighs and looking more feminine in the process. In this pose, make sure that you are sitting down properly, with both your legs close together. It’s more about how you are positioned and your facial expression too. This pose can also make you look more elegant as it shows off your legs or thighs.


9. Hands on hips, back to camera, look over the shoulder.


Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking


In this pose, have your back to the camera, and do not forget to put your hands on the hips. To achieve feminity and stay pretty, try to make yourself look over your shoulder while doing this pose. This is a very seductive pose that will make you look beautiful and sophisticated. Once in this position, you could choose to smile or not. It works both ways.


10. Lean against something with one leg up.


Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking


This pose is a bit hard since you have to be leaning against something while keeping your body straight and your leg up. But if you understand the whole point of it, you can pull it off and make yourself look great in the process! You should start by putting one foot out before you and then move towards the pose after it is set up. By doing this, your body will look straight as in a cute way and feminine.


11. Try holding Props.


Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking


Using props during your photo shoot can make you look more feminine. Props are used to accentuate the womanly parts of a person’s body and make them look better. Therefore, this pose is ideal for our crossdressers. Props can be a purse, handbag, hair accessories, jewelry, and even a necklace. Or, you could even hold something like a flower or champagne glass.


Top Feminine Pose for Photo Taking

As a crossdresser or a transgender woman, you should know that photography is important, refreshing, and fun. To get the best picture, one needs to prepare for it in advance. Some of the poses include: Hands-on hips, back to camera, look over the shoulder, stand sideways and turn to the side, and cross one leg over pose. Also, remember to ask someone to assist you, like a friend or your partner, so that they can take pictures of you doing these.



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