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How to create a cool social media profile as a crossdresser

Social media basically became part of our daily lives nowadays. It's harder every day to imagine how it is not being able to see what our friends or other people share or comment on the internet, and if you want to fully express yourself on the modern days, creating a profile on some social media is pretty much mandatory. So, you might want to keep up to date and bring your crossdressing persona to the age of information, but how do you create a believable social media from scratch, and avoid being mistaken for a bot or a fake

1- Gather information about your crossdressing self

If you are creating a social media profile, you'll need to put some information there, or else people will think that’s just another fake profile, but you don't want to put too much information either, or else you might end up being exposed. As aristotle once said: “The greatest crimes are not those committed for the sake of necessity but those committed for the sake of superfluity”. It means that too much can be worse than too little in some cases, and that is precisely one of those cases. If you put more information than what you actually need, you might be putting yourself at risk, because the internet is a somewhat dangerous place. Well, then what is the information that you really need to put on social media, so that you can be found online without risking yourself? here is the list:


Your name: If you are going to interact with people, they need to know your name, so pick whatever you like. If you don't have a crossdresser name already and you don't feel comfortable using your birth name, you can always pick a nickname chosen by you or your friends!


A picture: That part is mandatory if you don't want to be mistaken for a fake profile. If you want people to know you are a real person and not a bot, you need to show them how you look. However, if you are not comfortable with your pictures, you can always use a drawing, an art or even a picture of a fictional character you like, so people might know a little bit more of your personality


Your Pronouns: How do you want to be referred as? You can specify your pronouns in a lot of social media nowadays, so people will know what to call you and you might avoid some awkward situations while talking to them this way, making things easier.


2- Interact with people

Share posts, reply comments, tweets etc., and keep your profile active. Doing so will show that you are a real person, and  will help other people to understand what you like and what is your opinion on some relevant topics. Following pages on facebook might help you to fill your feed with interesting news and even funny memes that you can share!

3- Post regularly

The more you use your profile,the more it will be unique, because you are putting your personality there. If you are comfortable with it, you don't even need to create a different profile, and you can simple be yourself on your main account, but you do create an account only for your crossdressing self, try to use it as much as you use your main account, so you can keep both of them up to date.


4- A few concerns on expressing yourself online as a crossdresser

One of the biggest myths of modernity is that the internet is a safe place. You can find every kind of person online, so be prepared if you dive into it. The risks include scammers, fake profiles and even harassments, so pay attention and avoid adding everyone that sends you an invite, and block them at the first sign of threats. Make sure to report incidents like harassments or unsolicited pictures, so that the person faces the consequences.


Another problem online is that not everyone might accept you as a crossdresser or be polite and nice to you, and the best thing to do in these kinds of situations (besides reporting them, of course) is to ignore them. Stop responding or even reacting to mean comments, and as soon as these rude people notice that they are being ignored, they will stop attacking you.


5- Final words

Once you are online, if you are careful enough and follow those tips i brought, you’ll feel that the internet can connect people with similar interests, so you will be making friends and meeting new people in no time! I wish the best of luck to all of you, and I hope that you have fun online.

Written by Elise Wren

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