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Crossdressing and the holiday season

Once again, the year is coming to an end. Now, Christmas decorations are popping around all over the place, in almost every store and even on the streets. Christmas trees, garlands, flashing lights and gingerbread mans are part of the spirit of this season, and of course, i guess you don’t want to be left out of these festivities. So, to help you keep it up with the season, I'll bring some topics that might help you:

1- Dressing up 

There is no other color that represents Christmas and holidays better than red. Dressing up in a red dress will, however, catch a lot of attention, so i wouldn't recommend it if you are too shy. Another problem with a dress is the weather, as it tends to be winter in the north hemisphere and you will probably feel cold.

With that in mind, i would recommend a red coat and a nice black wool shirt with long sleeves, or even a sweater, to keep you warm and charming at the same time, as well as a scarf to help you hide your neck if you need to. Hiding your neck is really useful if you want some sort of cleavage, because this way you can use a silicone breastplate seamlessly.  

A pair of black tight jeans combined with a pantyhose underneath will help a lot to define your legs and keep them warm too, but if you really want to present yourself in a dress or skirt, make sure to get the thickest pantyhose yo can get. 

For your head, pick a wig that fits you. Short hair can be nice for this season, and might help to make your face look thinner and less manly, but if you have broad shoulders and want to hide them, pick a longer wig to conceal your shape. A wool cap can keep your wig in place and make your hair look more natural, and you can really use a pair of black or brown boots for your feet. Speaking of shoes, if you practice enough, you will be able to use heels in no time.  

2- Makeup Tips

As i said, the color red really sums up in the holidays, but you can always use variations. there a lot of colors that resemble the holidays, and they will fit perfectly on you. Golden yellow eye shadows are a good option to use with a red lipstick, but nude or reddish brown can also work on your lips. There are some colors i would avoid though, and that would be green, blue and orange.

Besides the colors, you can apply the makeup the same way as always, shaping your face with foundation and some powders, concealing your masculine features with lighting tricks and this sort of thing. Use your lipstick to highlight your mouth and shape your eyebrows in a feminine way with a pencil, and don’t forget to add a lovely blush to your cheeks.

3- Buying for Christmas

Every time someone mentions Christmas, most people think about the presents, but what would be the perfect gift for a cross-dresser? Well, i guess it’s a safe bet to say that almost every  cross-dresser dreams with a silicone breastplate or even a complete suit, and that would surely make one happy. Clothes are also a spot on, because it’s not everyday that a cross-dresser might feel safe to go shopping. 

Skirts, bras, breast forms, wigs... almost anything related to that is certified to put a smile on the face of every cross-dresser. Shopping online is the safest way to do so, because you don’t have to expose yourself, and you can chose from a wider range of products, the only downside being the fact that you can’t try the clothes before buying them, but you can use a size chart to choose the right one.  

4- Avoiding cliches

Holiday themed sweaters, too much red, oversized bows, santa Claus costumes... all of these should be avoided if you want to look like a charming lady rather than a Christmas tree. Save the decoration for your house, you don’t want to over accessorize yourself too much, believe me. Besides your themed clothes, you can decorate your fingernails and use makeup to enhance the look. 

5- Have a good time

The most important thing about the holiday season is, without a doubt, to have fun and have a good time. Spending time with friends and family is really great, but if you don’t want them to know that you cross-dress, you can go out as a woman to bars, pubs, or other types of parties that doesn’t involve people who know you (although it would be nice to have someone you trust to make you some company). Christmas is typically a time to spend with those you know and love, but it is also a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends , and probably people with interests in common, so don’t be afraid to be yourself!

Written by Elise Wren

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