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How to safely and discreetly order crossdressing items online

Buying online is generally one the best ways for crossdressers to buy items related to crossdressing. It usually happens because a lot of them feel insecure about going out shopping for clothes and garments that are usually associated with another gender, and it tends to happen more often especially when these people are going out while not crossdressing or if they think that they wouldn't pass enough to avoid being clocked. So, buying online can provide some privacy and even confidence for crossdressers, but some of them might be afraid to make some purchases using personal data, so I’ll show step by step how to buy your crossdressing items online in the safest and most discreet way possible.

Step 1 - Create a new email

If you have been using the same email for a while, chances are that your account is already associated with your name and even some personal data, and we all know that information is no longer safe on the internet. Any potential leak could reveal what you bought, and if someone checks your account it's very likely that your purchase history is there. So, if you want to be as discreet as possible, you should consider creating an all-new email, and complete it with some fabricated or ambiguous information, that wouldn't lead directly to you. Just make sure to verify your email and check the mailbox in time, so that the store can contact you if needed

Step 2 - Always use your crossdresser name

Avoid using your birth name when creating a new account on shopping websites, because it might be easy to track you and whatever you buy will be associated with your name. You can avoid that by using your crossdresser name when shopping online, asking for potential refunds, requesting customer care or even  posting reviews of what you bought (generally to help other crossdressers decide). This way, you can shop for whatever you want on the internet without anyone knowing your real name. However, you need to put your real name in the shipping address, especially if you made an overseas purchase, because incorrect information during customs clearance might result in a loss of your products. 

Step 3 - Watch for the payment method

When buying online, there are usually a lot of possibilities when it comes to payment. However, very few of them shall provide you the level of privacy that you might want as a crossdresser. When in doubt, check if there is the possibility to avoid using a credit card, because it might be easy to associate with your bank account. A good, viable and relatively cheap option is PayPal. Even if it charges you a little tax for its services, the overall quality of the service is very high and it assures your privacy on the transactions if you use your crossdresser name. Just remember to link it to a bank account or a credit card, so you can make sure that PayPal intermediates the transaction safely and discreetly. Another option to keep in mind is “Google checkout”, because any transactions made through that platform will only show up as “Google” on any record, assuring your privacy once again. If you have a little extra time out, another solution can be found in prepaid gift cards, such as amazon’s. These can come in handy to keep your purchase history clean, but they do have the downside of being prepaid on specific amounts of money, so you might end up losing a bit of options in terms of price.

Step 4 - Be careful with your address

This tip is focused for those crossdressers that don't live alone, and instead are in a house with people to whom they don't want to come out as a crossdresser yet. That's because of the delivery or mail services in many countries, that might not be as discreet as the person wants to. Buying online and receiving your purchases when you are not alone, can result in uncomfortable questions about what you’ve bought, so sometimes you’ll need to find a better solution.


If you have a friend that you already came out to, a good option is to ask for this friend to receive the package for you, and then pick it up later with them. However, if that's not a viable option, you can try to contact the postal services and ask them to hold the package for you until you can take it yourself on the post office. If none of those options are viable to you, there is one last, riskier way. Just make sure to purchase your items on a website that supports tracking numbers and try to schedule the delivery. Once you do that, make sure that you are ready to receive it before anyone else in the house, and that is quite easier if you are alone. After you’ve successfully received your purchase, you can hide it somewhere other people will be unable to find it, like on your closet, a personal backpack or the trunk of your car.

Written by Elise Wren

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