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How to crossdress at home during the pandemic

2020 was, without any doubt, a rough year, and even though the vaccines are finally arriving, a lot of countries are still in need of a lockdown to prevent a major loss of life. While we all gradually recover from that unfortunate event, our needs as crossdressers aren't supposed to be ignored, but how do we dress up if we can't go out? Well, crossdressing at home can have some advantages and benefits that end up making it worth a try. 

If you are crossdressing in your own house, without going out, then you don't have to worry about how well you pass, and you'll be even able to relax while doing so. It's even better for you if you are an introvert, because you won't have to deal with people (something that you would need to do if you went out). With that in mind, we can assume that Crossdressing at home is an opportunity to try out new styles, new clothes, wigs and basically whatever you want to try, so you can have an idea of how you look before going out.

At home, as a crossdresser, your mirror will be your best friend. I say that because you'll be able to constantly check out on how you look, and change whatever you want in your appearance instantly. It's very useful not only for your makeup, but for your overall look as well. It allows you to evolve, improve and enhance your style and techniques based on real time feedback brought to you by your mirror, and being at home is probably going to provide you with plenty of time to practice your skills to perfection.

If you live by yourself, you probably have all the privacy you need to practice and dress up at will, but things can get a bit more complicated if you live with other people that don't know about you being a crossdresser. If you can't count with a lot of privacy, my recommendation is that you find a room in your house in which you can be alone. If you do live with other people, you'll probably have less time to crossdress (probably late in the night, when everyone else is asleep), so you might have to pick some priorities on your practice. The best way to do so is to dress up and see what takes you most time to do, figuring out exactly which step of crossdressing is the hardest for you, and then you can focus on practicing that part.

In the case that you have very little privacy at home, the best way to use your time is watching video tutorials and reading articles about crossdressing. This way you can acquire knowledge of new techniques and Perfect them when you are alone. It really helps you to get better in each aspect of crossdressing with time, because you'll learn a lot of new useful tips and tricks that might make everything easier. 

If you are more like an extrovert person, there is a way to help you increase your self-esteem. You can always interact with people online, and if you are openly a crossdresser, posting pictures of your progress on social media can earn you some compliments. Just remember to be careful with whatever you publish, because you won't be able to control the spread of the pictures. Also, sometimes people can be rude on the internet, so if you get any bad comments on your pictures report or block those people.

Having to stay at home can also impact on how we get our supply of makeup and clothes, because we can't go out to shop. The best alternative, of course, is to buy everything online. It's a very nice opportunity to check on a variety of catalogs in various stores. You'll find everything you need online, from the simplest makeup items, to the most realistic silicone breastplates, and you can have it all to be delivered at your home. If you can't receive it by yourself because you lack some privacy, try asking a trustworthy friend to receive it for you and they probably won't ask any questions. The only possible downsides are the shipping costs, and the fact that you won't be able to try your clothes before buying, but it's still better than risking your life outside. Besides, shopping online also grants you a whole new level of privacy if you haven't come out as a crossdresser yet. 

Written by Elise Wren

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